Day 231: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – First do No harm – Day 16

It is suggested that every fourth day the Cancer Patient rub oil from head to toe, sit in a hot tub of water for 15 minutes, and then crawl in bed, cover yourself up with tons of covers and sweat for an hour to release toxins. When I first did it, God I hated it. Mostly because I didn’t like laying in bed sweating for the hour. I felt the same about my two daily baths in the beginning. I take a really hot bath in the morning with a cup of apple cider vinegar added to the water, which aids in leveling one’s PH balance… In late afternoon, I take another really hot bath this time with Epsom salt. It seems odd to think that my mind as consciousness didn’t enjoy soaking in a hot tub of water a couple of times a day but every day the first 2 weeks bath time came with much resistance. Now, I absolutely enjoy them.

Since the biggest part of my treatment is about detoxing, it’s important to remain consistent and keep it simple through remaining within the guidelines of the metabolic diet. The results are that I’m slowly dissolving the lump/cancer from my physical body. (Please remember that this is my treatment plan and in no way is meant to be considered as a cure and/or a miracle of some kind.)

Some people may not realize that when a person has Chemotherapy and Radiation, the reason they become sick is because their body becomes toxic. Which is why detoxing for them is also very important but the Cancer Patient on Chemo or Radiation may not be aware of what is happening to their physical body during the process they’ve embarked upon.

Chemo and Radiation is Not and will Not ever be a solution for me partly because of the particular type of cancer that I have and also, because having investigated and researched the traditional orthodox treatments, I’ve definitely concluded that it doesn’t make sense for something to be considered a Solution when that something kills everything it comes into contact with – chemo poisons and radiation burns the Physical body as well as destroys all types of healthy cells in an attempt to kill the cancer cells.

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EqualLifefoundationIt makes sense to me that the treatment plan must ‘first do no harm’ to the physical body in anyway whatsoever .. The treatment plan for the Cancer Patient must provide the utmost care that one can give to self and respect must be given in protecting the physical body from any further damage no matter what. That is not so easy because to remove one’s favorite foods and the removal of their place in society as the food requires a dedication to self that one cannot typically prepare for.

I mean, what I’m realizing is that it’s the simplest physical actions of my treatment plan that’s assisting me with stability with a glimpse of self-intimacy, where I’m actually beginning to have a relationship with who I am as my physical body – instead of judging my body through mind/thought participation… It’s a difficult thing to admit about myself. Seeing myself beneath the shame of realizing that I’ve never had that – never had an intimate relationship with me as my physical body. The kind of relationship where I take responsibility for everything going in and coming out both within my mind/physical body/reality.

Another interesting thing is that keeping it simple means keeping to foods that are raw and fresh according to what grows here naturally on Earth, like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. And, did you know a simple warm cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice is the very thing to assist the kidneys to flush toxins?

It’s interesting that Nature’s defense against cancer is not only the pancreatic enzyme’s and vitamin B-17 therapy but there’s also a group of Doctor’s in Europe that have reported that hyperthermy – which is a deliberate raising of the patient’s body temperature – that hyperthermy has increased the effectiveness of the vitamin therapy so greatly that when the body temperature is raised from it’s normal 37 degrees to 41 degrees Celsius or 98.6 to 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit, that there is a gain in effect from 3 to 10 fold.

So in other words, at the higher temperature it takes only 1/3 to 1/10 as much B-17 to achieve a given anti-cancer effect. So, it’s possible that the formative function of the cancer cell is impaired by the increase oxygenation and circulation that’s associated with having a fever. So the Solution to Disease/Cancer is definitely in keeping it simple through a means of appropriate nutrition rather than drugs.

I mean just over 5 years ago, I didn’t worry about the strain I caused within my physical body every time I popped a pill. Today that memory came forth as I was soaking in my last bath. I became aware of how my secret mind was looking for/to the memory of me popping a pain pill for comfort. Instead I breathed, and I realize that I’ve never ever felt so comfortable within and as my physical body.  It’s like I’m beginning to understand the meaning of taking responsibility for oneself.  I’m beginning to enjoy who I am as my Physical body and the fact is, Everyone should have the same opportunity that I have.

I’m able to get up every morning and do what I have to do to prepare my daily nutrition schedule – which is not cheap by the way.  I’m also able to take walks to slowly strengthen my physical body and I am amazed at how when you’re making decisions based on whether or not you’ll be here a year from now – and you know your life depends upon nutritional success – you know you have to remain aware to forgive and stop automated behaviors.

The Cancer Patient cannot afford any added waste of any kind. And, I mean who of us can  afford to waste one more minute in our delusions of grandeur? How come we won’t see how we’ve placed ourselves within our current money system – that is constantly supported through the use of orthodox medicine?   We can all dance around the subject but most of us get that something isn’t right with how our current world/money systems are established and exist as.  We see how corrupt things are and how they move within our world. How the rich are only rich because the poor are poor.

Because Money after all, makes the world go round.. But, why should the establishment/system/government/pharmaceutical industries/the AMA, etc, why should they be able to profit from illness and death? Why? Because we allow them to. Why do we continue to accept these destroyer of life treatment plans to continue to receive our support for their control over our society/world/reality?

The System is abusive and ineffective. How do we know that? Because what we’re offering in the way of treatment for the ill – because of profit – are radiation and chemotherapy, deadly drugs, killers of life.

Nutrition is the Solution rather than drugs within the Principle of ‘First do no harm’.. To realize that we require an organization like the Equal Life Foundation to see to it that these things are taken care of according to what’s best for all – where we don’t continue down a road where people are being burned and poisoned just so the fat cats can continue their extravagant lifestyles.

What kind of system is that? An Abusive one that is for sure.   Please, Investigate The Equal Life Foundation

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Alright so here a bit more clarity with regards to the process I’m walking.  More soon


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