Day 230: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – A Woman of War – Day 15

Today, it was as if time kind of stopped as I came to terms with stopping a pattern I’ve recently become strangely aware of myself as.

I guess the truth that I don’t want to speak of is how I’ve become like ‘a woman of war’, that war being the war I’ve waged against the cancer within me… And, I realize I’m no longer willing to continue the war because it’s Not necessary in order to recover.

A Woman of War @ Eqafe

a woman of warFrom the moment I was diagnosed with cancer I’ve been researching and researching and educating myself about the many different kinds of alternative treatments for cancer. So, when I decided on which treatment plan I would be applying, I quickly dove right in, knowing full well that the sooner I move to set my plan of action into motion, the sooner I’ll be on the road to recovery. That was well over a month ago and now I have a well established daily routine that is designed in full support of my physical body first and foremost…

I knew in the beginning that following the strict metabolic diet would be a challenge as well as would taking the massive amounts of daily enzymes, vitamins/minerals, daily injections and daily enemas. All of which is going to require some getting used to and the most effective way to redesign my days accordingly, to be most effective, is to be consistent.

And, with regards to consistency, ‘Blogging’, that’s where I began to understand the Principle of Consistency. The kind of consistency I’m referring to is like nothing I’d ever been before, and I discovered this for myself as I began applying the tools offered through Desteni I Process – which is a life-changing course that everyone will benefit from.

Those very tools assisted me today to’stop and smell the roses’ so to speak… To see, realize and understand that fighting my way through this is Not the solution because the fight I’m referring to has existed from the fear within and as my mind of dying. So, am I actually only fighting for my own right to die???

Ok, so, what in the world am I fighting for? Am I fighting for my right to react or my right to exist? And what about EVERYONE else? Is any of what I’m fighting for going to make one bit of difference in the lives of everyone else on earth or just a difference for me?

At what point do I Stop fighting for what I’d like to receive and instead Begin Giving what I’d like to receive?

Alright that’s all for now as it’s a began a slow rain with a gentle thunder so I’m off to bed to snuggle with my partner.

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