Day 224: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – Treatment Plan, Let’s Walk – Day 9

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I’ve Definitely made the Decision to forego surgery and All conventional Orthodox treatments, such as chemo and radiation.

This decision hasn’t come easy. I spent near all week researching alternative treatments and educating myself with remarkable stories of people who have achieved tremendous success in stopping cancer. Now that I understand with better clarity the kind of cancer I have, the better prepared I am to make the decision that will ultimately support me as my physical body.

I am not having any other symptoms of cancer except for having the lump and the cancer having spread to one node.  But, basically, I’m not ‘physically sick’.   Thus, my Decision is to begin an Intense Metabolic Cancer Defense Program, which will involve Nutrition Therapy and Vitamin B-17 Therapy.

The thing that finalized my decision to forego surgery and All conventional Orthodox treatment was when I learned how within the lump – that not only are there malignant cells, there is also always an exact EQUAL amount of Helpful/good cells,

thus, surgery is irrelevant, surgery is only necessary if the tumor is attacking a nearby artery. What’s important is to correct the problem through replenishing the body through Nutrition, Enzymes and Vitamin B-17, Detoxing, and a very strict eating regimen.

I certainly understand the importance of nutrition more than I ever have. We should always stop and ask ourself if what we’re ingesting is just a food that we want, or is it a nutritional substance that will support our pancreas/entire physical body. Proper nutrition with a balance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes will assist the pancreas/entire physical body to function properly.

Artwork By: Marlen Vargas Del Razo 

shoesBasically my plan is to cultivate the good cells through proper nutrition, and then through a process of supporting the activation of stomach enzymes + Vitamin B-17 Therapy – which is like a process of natural radiation – I’m going to ZAP the malignant cells and nourish my body to health. That, I am comfortable with.

Others, not so much, lol – my Partner is, and we’re both in agreement and will walk this together.

There are members of my family and past friendes who will agree and support my decision, some will not,  however, with a commitment to myself  and the tools I’ve aquired through Desteni I Process,  as well as the assistance from my fellow Destonians, I’m in great hands.

As for the Alternative Therapy, it’s not cheap. Unfortunately financial adjustments will have to be made and we will moment by moment cut corners wherever we are able to so we can afford to continue with what I see as a brilliant cancer treatment alternative.

Which brings me to what is most important – that being Equal Money. If Equal Money were in place, every single cancer patient in this world would have the most advanced and less invasive treatments available. In our World of Technology, we should expect nothing less.

The fact is, the only way our world will ever become one that is supportive of our physical body and this physical reality is with Equal Money, because with Equal Money decisions are based according to what’s best for all – instead of decisions that manipulate the patient to pick treatment plans simply because it’s the one that brings in the most profit and thus continues to support the current system.

So, the bottom line is what? Of course, it’s Money.

People are getting very rich because 1 out of 3 women will get breast cancer…

I cannot dismiss my own lack of self-responsibility within this. I agreed to the current world/money system, if even in ignorance.. I buy/support the current food industries even when I know there is absolutely no nutritional value in the foods they’re selling.  I’m the one who accepted and allowed myself to abuse my physical body through consumption while I tried to make myself ‘feel good‘.

I’d like to say that I wouldn’t  have consciously chosen this experience, for myself – breast cancer. But the fact is, I know that Cancer is a Consequence of what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to participate within and as.

The Fact is, I am grateful for every moment that I’m able to be here because life on earth is worth the Solution as Equal Money.  And, I’m absolutely certain  that the ways and means, the procedures, the rules within how our world/money system functions – has to be completely stopped and re-designed.   I mean we’ve got to  investigate and reevaluate every functional system to consider the consequences that we are facing within our world because of the poor decisions we’ve made according to our  dependency to a system of profit and greed.

Equal Money will be able to stop our lives being lived in a continuous crisis mode.

Ok, that’s my plan, and if it requires moderating then so be it.

In blogs to come I will share more specifics.

See you then…


“Happiness Play a Central Role in the Evaluation of Life Experience on Earth. In this, Money Plays a Significant Role, as anyone that’s been under Financial Pressure can Attest to.

The Vital Question then, would be: How can we Ensure Happiness for ourselves and our Loves Ones as a Constant Experience in Every Way Possible? 

To Investigate this, there is a Way – to Ensure Happiness for Everyone on Earth as much as Physically Possible. This will also Ensure a Secure and Dignified Life for Every Child Born, and thus for One’s Own Family. This will be a Journey though, as Each One will have to Investigate their Current Version of Knowledge and Adjust their View of the World to not Only Include their own Self-Interest, but also to Include the Self-Interest of everyone else. It’s like taking the Jesus the Message of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, to its ULTIMATE Success, which Ensures Successful Living for yourself and Everyone Else on Earth. There are a Few Exceptions like for instance, Distorted Mental Health, Physical Disabilities and Unforeseen Events – but, for the most part: it is Possible to Ensure a Life of Happiness for Everyone. What is Amazing is that: you do not Require the Law Of Attraction for instance, to Bring this to yourself. You have to Understand the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, and in this – the First Step is, GIVE. And the Law Of Attraction – you want to First Receive before you Give. And therefore, it is Not an Effective Way to Ensure Happiness for yourself or Anyone Else, and only a Few will Hit the Jackpot with the Law Of Attraction.

With the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive” –everyone will Hit the Jackpot Every Time, which Bring an End to Luck and Casting the Lot, as Happiness will no longer have an Element of Luck to it.

To Grasp How this is Possible: we Must Emphasize the Importance of Initially, Patiently, Studying the Economic Principles of Equal Money Capitalism. And Yes, it is Capitalism – Functioning in the Way it was Intended, to Produce Not Only Opportunity, but ACTUAL Success for Every Person on Earth. A Few Points about Equal Money Capitalism, just to Wet your Appetite:

– It will Bring an End to All Debt in the World
– Property Ownership will be a Basic Human Right
– Healthcare will be a Basic Human Right
– Happiness will be a Basic Human Right
– Employment will be a Basic Human Right
– Education will be a Basic Human Right
– Freedom of Choice will be a Basic Human Right

This is But a Few of the Results of the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, Embodied in Capitalism that is Based On Equal Rights for Every Human Being on Earth.”

Bernard Poolman

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