Day 215: The results show



“When and as I see myself access a negative energy experience when I feel nausea come up – I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that I am anticipating an ‘unpleasant’ experience and within that already instill an experience of unpleasantness before anything has even happened and so I commit myself to stop and let go of the thought, ground myself within and my human physical body in breath.” Leila Zamora Moreno

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I was reading the Blog: Journey to a New Life – An Expecting Mother, Day 08: My Body is now My Own – Part 3, and when I read what Leila wrote, it was the perfect assistance for me regarding a similar point where I’ve been accessing a negative energy experience due to the biopsy results I received earlier today.

Hearing the words: ‘it’s cancer‘, sent an immediate rush of heat throughout my face and my entire body.   Like, suddenly, my world, just kind of, crashed.   I sensed myself being whisked into an energetic whirlwind within my mind of thoughts/images and oh, the fear…

I sat there and suddenly realized I hadn’t heard the last three words the nurse had said and that’s when I finally stopped myself and focused on my breathing.

I asked the nurse if she could repeat the last thing she had said and she continued on talking without skipping a beat. She said the next step is to schedule an MRI and make an appointment with a surgeon. It’s only after those appt.  will we be able to determine the necessary steps and/or what the treatment will be.  Her voice was slightly upbeat as she talked in-script to what seemed to have been gone over with with a fine tooth comb…

It blew mind yet, it was interesting because I was well aware of how part of me as my mind wanted to just freak the hell out, but then I breathed, and suddenly, I became aware of myself as able to Stop participating in the Fear.  I cried a couple of times when I was alone, and I know that I’m still holding myself back.  But the truth is, when I stop my mind and breathe, I”m able to release the hold of fear.

So, this will be a process and I’m very grateful that I’ve been walking the Journey to Life, the 7 Year Process with Desteni  because I realize how I’ve gently guided myself to this very moment within me,  to take Self-Responsibilityfor myself as all as one as equal.

Ok, so again,  I’ll be sharing more about this from time to time.  Even now, I see that my mind is looking to knowledge for comfort which triggers me to teeter between positive and negative feeling energies. So here,  I will continue to investigate and share self-forgiveness.

I mean, I didn’t’ just walk out the door and get hit by a bus. I somehow managed to give myself an invitation, with which the only option for me is to step it up, take self-responsibility, walk this point to stand one and equal to, thus acquire the ability to determine Who I Am according to the Decision and Committment to Birth MySelf as Life,  According to What’s Best for ALL.

And, I’m fortunate to be part of an amazing Group of People – nowhere else in the World can one find a more skilled Group as Destonians, where with the utmost care/precision,  WE  Intend to Support the Change our World Requires with solutions such as LIG & The Proposal!   We invite you to Join Us!

More to come

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  1. Hi Cathy. Thanks for sharing this process – it can be of support and assistance for many facing similar situations. Walking with you here.

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