Day 168: Incomplete as Postponement

I’ve realized something about myself today in how I have accepted and allowed myself to be distracted when I’m writing and posting my blogs. Recently, I’ve been experiencing some physical pain and sitting in front of the computer seems to aggravate the pain and as a result, I’ve hurried through writing self-forgiveness and have ultimately screwed myself, because I’ve left myself feeling incomplete. However, in self-honesty, I know that this is a point that I’ve always existed as.

What’s interesting is, I can remember the same feeling, like an incompleteness when I was a child. This brought up the memory of when I would get home from school when I was young. My mom would have a full set of chores lined up for me to do and I would hurry through them so that I would be sure and have time to go play with my friends.

In the hurry I would begin to feel as if I was leaving myself behind or like the presence of myself was incomplete. I am now realizing how this is a point of  postponement.  Not taking self-responsibility because I just wanted to play and experience myself as having fun doing what I wanted to do.  And I have been still walking the same pattern in my committment in walking my Journey to Life

Therefore, I commit myself to slowing myself down, breathing, and allowing myself to basically stand up and begin again.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I was a child, develop an idea within myself of what responsibility meant according to the negative experience I had of myself when I first attempted to be responsible and therefore, almost without my even knowing it, I accepted and allowed myself to define responsibility as something that meant ‘I have to work’, and/or that ‘I have to do something that I don’t want to do’, and within that I began to have fear swell up within me in my mind as an image where I would see my friends playing outside and having fun without me, and because I valued myself according to how many friends liked me, I seen responsibility as sort of a deal breaker. because ‘the chores’ that I had to do which were ‘my responsibility’, kept me from being part of the fun and interrupted my idea of what I needed to participate in so that ‘my friends’ would like me, thus, I developed a plan where with every chore my mom assigned for me, I would do just enough on the surface to make it appear like I had done the job thoroughly but if/when my mom looked closely, she would see that I hadn’t done the necessary deep cleaning and therefore my responsibility was incomplete thus, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to continue similar patterns throughout my life and thus have always postponed taking self-responsibility and have always left myself feeling incomplete because I’ve not been willing to slow myself down, breathe and give myself the chance to see into me.

to be continued…

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