Day 90: BeHolden

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Day 88 – 89: BeLonging
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I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be indebted and/or beholden to/as our current world/money system where through relationship ties we compete against one another using jealousy, greed and money to WIN – as if life is a game.

I commit myself to educating myself in how memories create how we become in DEBT to ourselves and others according to/through Self-INTEREST, as the attention we give to the mind.

~ ~
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see, realize, and understand how my mother is my mirror and I am hers according to how for generation after generation we’ve existed where each child is/has been conditioned through/as their parents into our own alternate mind realities where we exist with absolutely no consideration for anything and/or anyone except that of pleasing ourself, in/as and through living as memories/personalities of/as our parents, which we accept/allow and create in/as our minds and then try and manifest them into and as our physical body/reality/world in/as self-interest/need/want/desire and greed.

I commit myself to stop existing within a character of guilt as a mother in fear, wherein I withdraw into myself as if there’s a ball of suppression/ burden within the pit of my stomach in regret and sorrow, in worrying about how my children will survive tomorrow thus, I stop. I breathe. I realize that to exist within guilt and fear is draining life from me as my physical body and, I am no longer willing to accept that, therefore, I direct myself and take self-responsibility and prove to myself who I am willing myself to be in support of a world according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to expose the polarity equation of love and hate and to stop placing value within illusions of feeling good according to memories/characters/ personalities, because I see, realize and understand that doing so completely forsakes our responsibilities to the children within our world who require that we as adults assist and support them in common sense – instead of feelings and emotions – to prepare them to take self-responsibility in order to lead the way in manifesting/creating a world/money system which will support All life according to what’s best for all.

When and as I see myself existing within a point of guilt and fear, where I see how I want to swoop in and ‘save’ my children through financial means and/or taking responsibility for them, in attempting to ‘fix’ their world so they’ll ‘feel’ better, I Stop. I Breathe. I see, realize and understand how the only way to support them is to support myself even if it means that they have to fall in order to stand because I see, realize and understand how ultimately the only solution that will ensure a world worthy of children is that of an Equal Money System and thus in supporting ourselves with Equal Money we’re supporting All.

I see, realize and understand how important it is to assist and support myself in walking this process of self-forgiveness, to be able to align myself with walking equal to and one with existence and to stop accepting and allowing guilt/fear/characters/personalities/thoughts/feelings and emotions to exist as me which has perpetuated the suffering, pain and consequences that is existent within this existence.

I commit myself to stop longing for belongings in order to provide an addition to myself as something pleasing in order to ‘feel’ as if I ‘belong’.

I commit myself to stop seeing my children as if they’re a box of objects of/for use as effects in order to show off, and/or to make me ‘feel’ better about myself simply because I don’t want to face me and the Mess I’ve accepted and allowed within this world/money system.

I commit myself to show that the only right a parent has is the right to take self-responsibility in supporting a world that guarantees No child goes without food, a home, clothes, clean water, an education and healthcare.

I commit myself to stop jealousy, self-interest and greed in realizing that to exist as such further fuels our mind as consciousness which keeps us enslaved to our current world/money system, thus I commit myself to show how in order to stop the pain and suffering that currently exists within our world, we must first stop, forgive and direct ourselves according to what’s best for all.

I commit myself to show how our world requires an education system that will prepare each one of us to become a self-aware, responsible part of the human race that lives a fulfilled and productive life of happiness and fun and, how Equal Money will ensure that everybody will be effectively educated to live in harmony with everything here including, plants, animals and our environment.

I commit myself to support me as my physical body, to comprehend how life here on earth is a living representation of how, who and what exists within the mind-physical body of/as the human.

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