Day 1: The most important message that I could ever leave for myself is simple – it’s Self-forgiveness

Art by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Day 1: I was asking myself today if there was one message that I would want to leave for myself – in case I was to ever come searching for myself in another life,,,or just searching for answers to life, what would the message be? What would I say to myself? Immediately I knew that the most important message that I could ever share with myself is very simple, it’s one of self-forgiveness.

The most important thing about self-forgiveness is that it stops the mind as consciousness – otherwise known as: thoughts, feelings and emotions.

So for example, let’s say you believe that someone named John has just broken your heart because he says he no longer loves you… Through self-forgiveness, you begin by speaking out loud the following:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear who I will be without the love of John because I’ve formed a relationship personality and a habit/addiction for John and I fear how I will feel and exist without him.

Also, placing the words of and as self in writing is effective for self to see and become aware of and stop the patterns of the constructs within the mind.

Through self-forgiveness one begins to be aware of so one can stop the endless cycles of thoughts that the mind will take one on as one participates within and as them. Thought participation is how we create, possess and obsess ourselves within feelings and emotions which leads to further abuse within and upon our physical body and others within our physical world.

We must not fear our thoughts because our thoughts show us who we are – what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Together with breathing and applying self-forgiveness self-honesty emerges and we can begin to apply self-corrective application and stop the enslavement of consciousness and begin a process of awareness. Consistency through daily application and self-correction is key in re-designing self, and is how self accumulates self free from further control and enslavement.

It’s the simplest way to stop the insanity of and as the mind as consciousness which we’ve always accepted and allowed to direct us – instead of us standing and directing ourself within and as the starting point of life through self-forgiveness in self-honesty.

This is how we bring an end to polarity enslavement within our world, where the poor exist because the rich exist. Instead we’ll bring about a world of equality. Where heaven replace hell as it is being accepted and allowed on earth – as suffering, war and starvation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be enslaved through not allowing myself to stand up and become and live who I am as all as one as equal. To stand as a living example for and as all and to assist and support all as who I am and who each are equally as life.

Through the application of self-forgiveness, I accept and allow myself to set myself free from my own enslavement as consciousness with it’s allowances and accepted applications. I stand in and as support for and as all Life Equally.

It’s a process, and it’s a beautiful walk in self-purification when applied daily, consistently and effectively.

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“There cannot be a greater life after this one because this one is creating the next – you cannot be that stupid to believe that from here will flow something better. You move from here to face consequence, so from here at death things gets worse, much worse, because you have to face what you have allowed. We suggest you do it, face it right here. You die in fact alive in the physical through self-forgiveness taking yourself to nothingness where you stop what you’ve allowed. Where you then emerge like you did as a child from the womb, from this darkness, this nothingness, and it’s not to fear because you did come from it.” Bernard Poolman