Before I went to sleep last night I listened to an interview from Eqafe called, ‘Life Review – Superman of the Streets’. It’s about a being who never had a home, never went to school and, I’ll not share anymore as it’s an interview that must be heard for self to fully comprehend what the being experienced here on earth.

Hearing the interview, I recalled how my whole life I’ve not really had a clue to what extent crimes are committed daily against humanity. I’ve not really had a clue what it is to really suffer day in and day out without food or a warm place to sleep or a home to live in, or clean water to drink. I’ve only existed in my own self-interested mode within reckless attempts at pleasing others as I presented a happy face, and honestly, it was all bullshit and the self dishonesty in living that way, is exhausting.

After hearing the interview I fell asleep and woke up later in the middle of the night with an awareness of the word ‘pleasing’, which sounded more like, ‘pa-leas-ing’. And what I saw clearly was how the word ‘pleasing’ when slowed down, sounds like ‘policing’.

I saw how in my life I’ve had the ‘pleasing’ personality, but really within myself, I lived the definition of ‘policing’. Where I would regulate and control myself in an attempt at pleasing others, and in my attempt at pleasing others I’ve really only been policing myself in order to maintain my own accepted and allowed mind control. So much so that I had not been able to see the magnitude of what I was accepting and allowing.

We humans, we’re like a virus unleashed within this world. It’s time to stop and breathe and slow down and see who we really are. Because who we are exists as the homeless, the abused, the starving and the dying. The regulation and control of our communities and the people of our land are under siege in policing with the only point being to maintain and continue in pleasing those few at the top who have all the money.

It’s interesting how pleasing we are as we pretend to live the words of Jesus. To love your neighbor as yourself and give as you’d like to receive. When in fact the equality of his words have never come to pass here on earth. If they had of, heaven on earth would be here for all life – not just for some. Somewhere within us each one, we know the truth of who we are. Let’s let ourselves as who we really are be known.

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2 thoughts on “Pleasing

  1. I was raised to be a friendly and pleasing person, I can relate to what you are stating here. Pleasing in its essence is policing self and others to keep the programming intact – all disguised behind the niceness, the etiquette, the manners, the thank yous and smiles.

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