2012 – What’s missing here?

“Thou shalt continually reorient thyself and society to reduce reactionary propensities that lead to abberated consequences such as stealing and murder.” -Peter Joseph

This type of quote reminds me of the words from the ten commandments. Though Shalt Not Steal … Though Shalt Not Murder…

And, just like the ten commandments the words were written by someone with no real sense of what it’s like to have to steal in order to eat because there are no jobs available and no way of providing for yourself and your family. Who’s to say what one is capable of doing when the only option one has is to watch your child starve to death.

So what’s the author missing in his approach with the above quote? My perspective is simple. He’s missing the point of walking in the shoes of another, and as such his approach lacks offering a Real Solution for all life. History has proved time and time again that it does no good to boost morality with pretty words and/or by commanding something that ultimately lacks a solution that will be best for All life. A solution that will without a doubt absolutely change how our world exists.

That Solution is Equal Money. Investigate EqualMoney.org