2012 – ‘Farming the Unconscious’ – Headless Chicken Solution

“The realities of the existing systems of production are just as shocking.” from the article ‘Farming the Unconscious’

If the article; ‘Farming the Unconscious’ seems ‘unthinkable’ to anyone, I can only submit that the act of thinking and the direction thereof as ‘the mind of consciousness’ is exactly how ‘Farming the Unconscious’ is even considered in the first place.

How is it that we don’t, or rather, we won’t consider the consequences of what we accept and allow in the name of money for profit to exist within our world? How is it as a humanity we are unable to detect our own evil thoughts and ways? Are we really so brainwashed and stupid that we aren’t able to see our own slavery within a system that disregards life in the name of personal gain and greed? There are so many atrocities in this world yet people have difficulty accepting a solution that will bring an end to them.

I challenge everyone to ask themselves how come an Equal Money System is the Solution for Our World. It’s the easiest question in the world to answer if one will stop and breathe and take a self-honest look at the horrendous amounts of suffering we’re allowing every day within our world. Life is a hellish nightmare. There are no fairy-tales being had unless you’re filthy rich and are paying someone to grant you your fairy-tale wish.

It’s quite insane that we’ve been conned to such a degree that we aren’t even able to understand how with Equal Money we are actually giving ourselves real freedom as heaven on earth. The old programming of believing we get heaven only after we’re dead doesn’t really make sense any more than the belief of dying and going to hell. After all, hell is already here and if hell is already here then heaven is possible here as well. For those who say hell isn’t here on earth then go on back and bury your head because you’re either filthy rich and/or are existing as The Enslavement of Man by Consciousness.

Understand the facts of this world and who are within them – Visit Desteni Forums for the details and investigate and support an Equal Money System.