My whole ‘life’ – I accepted life according to the fear of Not having enough money

    Age 25, moving out of the only home my 2 small children had ever known and divorcing after 8 years of a marriage that began when I was 16 – I had never known what being ‘single’ meant, much less the responsibility of being a single parent. There is little to no assistance from our current money system which is unsympathetic to the mistakes of anyone much less that of a 16 year old female drop-out turned 25 – with little to no educational training for how to survive in this world.

The systems we accept and allow in this world, for example, our educational system – is impractical and insensitive, leaving us uneducated, unprepared and fearful as human beings with no clear understanding of what it is to provide for ourself. The point of self-responsibility and self-trust is simply non-existent for those who don’t have money.

Those who have money pretend responsibility and use money as a face off for their pretense, but hell, if everybody had enough money to provide the basics needs for ourselves, then we can All ‘stop pretending’.

Self-responsibility has been avoided by us all. Because through self-interest, greed and ego we’ve competed against each other for a way of life that’s better than the best and we don’t really care to see beyond our accepted way of ‘thinking’. Thus we have lacked self-responsibility and clear comprehension of the fact that we are all responsible for how our world exists.

I’m now 53 and, I can honestly say that at 25, my ‘thoughts’ and my ‘actions’ as my ‘thoughts’, were that of lust and desire and the need to be taken care of by someone who was ‘willing’ because I was scared to death that I couldn’t afford to ‘make it on my own’.

Accepting that about myself is how I allowed my life to be as it has been. How is that? For 37 years, since I was 16, I’ve been single for only 1 year – I alone am responsible for my life because I contributed and supported our current capitalistic money system. And, I had it easy compared to the number of those who starve to death daily within our world.

    My whole ‘life’ – I accepted life according to the fear of Not having enough money. I’m going to write that again – I accepted ‘Life’ according to the ‘fear’ of Not having enough money. Yes, I worked many jobs making decent money but always living paycheck to paycheck. I feared for mine and my children’s survival and never considered until 4 years ago that there is a Solution.

When one is younger, we ‘think’ that to grow old will be cool because then we can relax and retire and stop the ‘wanting to please’ another syndrome – whether that be by ‘loosing weight’ and/or ‘looking sexy’, whatever one does to secure there survival.

Survival requires money, so to ‘please another’ really means ‘please don’t let them grow tired and want to leave me’. But, holy shit! The thoughts as one gets older, they don’t stop! Instead they are more frequent because of all the compounded suppression within ourselves through years of accepted fears, personalities, distractions and perversions, just downright self-dishonesty. As such, we’ve missed a crucial part of ourself, which is that of becoming aware of ourself and are actions as a self-responsible, self-trusting and life supporting human being.

    Four years ago – I stumbled upon the Desteni Universe material and began a process to stop my thoughts and direct me as my mind, and discovered that, ‘I can forgive myself’. If one will forgive themself then one is able to be inpeace with equality.

The tools offered through ‘Desteni I Process Self-development Course’, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see for yourself who you are in self-honesty, self-responsibility and self-trust.

Self-responsibility and self-trust is practically living and supporting all of life on earth according to ‘what’s best for all’. This is a point that we each one are responsible for – to accumulate ourselves through walking and living Equality into being so we can fully comprehend the majesty in walking as all as one as equal.

Join us as we reshape and redesign ourselves from the inside out to bring forth a world where life will change because all life will be provided for first with Equal Money.

Guaranteed for everyone will be the basic requirements to exist in this world. Who will we be when every single one us are able to physically provide and care for ourselves? We’ll see…

Investigate and Support

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept life any way it comes as long as I can find someone to take care of me so I won’t starve to death.

    I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed life to be a struggle day in and day out for all of life simply because I feared standing up and taking self-responsibility for myself and my actions of myself in self-honesty because I feared what others may ‘think’ about me – instead I see and understand that what I’ve really feared is what I will ‘think’ about me. I stop. I breathe. I stand and I walk for and as life until all living beings live life in dignity as equals.