The Solution for Occupy Wall Street is simple

The occupy wall street protests certainly represent the numerous people struggling and the thing is, they’re not really being heard and actually, they’re being herded straight to jail. For those who are protesting, if they’re truly serious about bringing about a solution for all, that will bring an end to our corrupt money system – then the solution for Occupy Wall street is to instead stand as one man, one vote for an Equal Money System.

Unfortunately, greed and ego steps in where people still want more than their fellow man and as such, chose protesting which enforces violence – instead of standing up for and as all life. Causes one to ask, how much more suffering does humanity require to see that there is one principle within us all and that is one of Equality – what’s best for self is best for all. So humanity continues the human race and until we’ve had enough and face ourself first so we can stand responsible for and as all, the race will continue as will suffering and death. The Principle of Equality and Oneness, as I’ve come to understand, is what we’re all here to realize ourself as.

Stop Protesting – Stand Up in Support