Hey – Who Stole My Bridge


How are people going to survive in our current money system?  One way is to dismantle and steal a 50 feet by 20 feet steel bridge – estimated at $100,000.  The bridge was lifted off its foundation and marks were clearly visible where the metal was ripped from its supports.  Those who claim the bridge was theirs seem surprised that someone would do such a thing.  The real mystery is, how can this surprise anyone?  If we’re not seeing  the struggles that people are having in our current shithole for a money system, then we’re either rich, or better off dead.

People are panicking, they’re scared but,  we can no longer ignore what scares us – instead we bring an end to our current money system and support Equal Money.  One Man, One Vote – easier than stealing a bridge.

Investigate EqualMoney.org


Full story and Video Here —> $100K Steel Bridge Dismantled, Stolen From Rural Area