Stop the spin of Fear

Walking into the kitchen, one doesn’t really expect to see a tarantula pass by one’s feet but this was the beginning of my day. Instantly fear wanted me to be it so I stopped and breathed. The ridiculousness of the energetic feeling was avoided as I continued breathing and asked myself some questions aloud. The first one of course was, ‘where is the nearest glass jar to entrap the creepy crawler on my floor’. As I continued to breathe I saw how I have ‘avoided’ facing my responsibility in how our world exists because of fear of facing self. According to fear we don’t like seeing the atrocity that exists within our world so, we avoid seeing in self-honesty for ourself, how we create and manifest the current nature of our world.

I realized how strange it was to fear the little guy who was merely strolling across the floor, more than likely searching for food. As humans, we certainly stroll around our daily tasks in the search for a way to survive and in order to survive we require food.

What does the fear that we as humans have towards spiders represent? Most of us even fear walking through the web of spiders. Maybe it represents the spins of self we exist as, according to personality designs we spin ourselves in and as creating our own web of fears. All of which represent thought participation, story book pictures in our mind and feeling and emotional experiences – which we have believed ourselves to be. Fear of the spider on my floor seemed odd to me and in that moment I saw it wasn’t real. It’s how I had always accepted myself to become and really, we as human beings fear everything. Within all that we fear – what is the common denominator? Ourself. The Quantity of who we are have separated and divided us within and as our own fears.

Imagine, the spider is who we are through and as our own manifested form of fear. Consider it’s really simple for one to stop the spin of fear. When one applys the same principle to our current money system. Imagine, the current money system is who we are in our own manifested form of fear.

We’ve manifested a money system as one that doesn’t support all life and, Imagine we can Stop. We can actually stop our current money system and give to all life that which we ourselves require. An Equal Money System is such a solution.

What I know for sure is – we’ve not begun to understand the depths of ourselves accordoring to how and why we exist within this world alongside the assortment of living beings that exist here. It’s time to begin the journey of self through the tools offered through Desteni Universe – which continue to assist me and have for almost 4 years to stop and consider what and how I’ve accepted myself to become and to consider what is best for all. Assist self to stop the fears self has allowed.

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*The spider was released outside to continue on his journey

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