Why should the daughter pay for the sins of the father?

Why should the daughter pay for the sins of the father? She shouldn’t – yet she does. As humanity, we’ve created the very thing in which we feared, avoided and denied as we became it. We’ve done that from the very beginning when we accepted ourselves as such and we’ve run circles of time-loops around ourselves. We fogot who we truly are, which is Not that which we ‘want’ another to believe that we are. As those sins that we’ve taken on as who we are and who we’ve become – we’ve managed to answer that question for ourselves: ‘Why should the daughters pay for the sins of the fathers’? The answer is in who we’ve become, it’s programming, it’s a system and we don’t want to see ourselves.

We’ve even created a money system to abuse us even more and, we pay those who we accept and allow to make us feel better about who we’ve become. We pay people to make us laugh and we pay people to make us cry. We even pay people to make movies where people are killing each other and yet, within all of that, we still won’t see who we are within it. Where is our individual self-responsibility?

Is it lost in competition? We compete to have the biggest house and the most cars just so we can feel better about ourselves. We get married, we have children, we get pets, so we can feel better about ourselves. The energy within it all – never sustains itself. So, we begin again, with a new house, and/or a new relationship and maybe we have more children and get more pets and we repeat the same patterns of ourselves until finally we realize that we are the living examples of our parents, who are the living examples of their parents. We then see before us – the living example of ourselves which is our children and still, we won’t stop ourselves as what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be – what we’ve created and are existing as.

Who, how and what have we become according to who, how and what we want another to believe us to be? Ego, greed, hate, rape, war, spite, and starvation – all the result of who we’ve become and are existing as.

We have become our thoughts and walked energetic experiences as if they were real – they are not. As such we continue to pass on the ‘sins of the fathers’ – Us – according to what we accept and allow ourselves to be and act as through and as our physical body within our physical reality. We make thoughts in our mind come to life through energy that we participate in and then ultimately those dreams die. As such we kill that which is actually real – our physical reality.

When we stop participating in thoughts and energetic feelings and emotions – when we breathe and apply self-forgiveness and see in self-honesty who and what we’ve created through our acceptances and allowances – we will stop passing on our legacy, as that being one of sin – only by our self-definition as such.

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