Here I am with Fever – Releasing my past walked through and as my feet

Fever has been here assisting me. As I breathe and push myself to embrace me as my physical body within the Principle of Equality, I sense a humbleness, a subtle burning – possibly an execution of part of me I no longer accept as who I am. Submission as Gentleness sweeps through me and

Willing becomes one as me and fever, as water gently caresses the subtle ache throughout my body as I direct myself to stand up, as all as one as equal, for all eternity – to diffuse, forgive and release the steps I’ve walked as me as my feet as me walking. To no longer accept how, what, and who I’ve walked as within this world –

in order to bring an end to the suffering of everyone – we may very well require to become one with the fusion of Ache and Fever in support of those who suffer needlessly while the current money system denies them and leaves them thirsty and dying. there’s a reckoning to settle through and as all life, so as to Stop allowing Atrocity here as us.
As the song goes, ‘fusion is what we are using, this is how we have been abusing’… lyrics: by Bernard Poolman says it wonderfully. The song keeps arising within me – I share here…

Read the words as who you are and hear Ann Van Den Broeck sing from my upload on Sound Cloud…

Fate in the Sand
Fusion is what we are Using
This is How we have been ABusing
Life in our Search to Merge
With our Desires and Deeper Urge
From Universal Creatures we have Fallen
We are the Angels Cast from Heaven
This I found on the Otherside of Death’s Door
Hear my message I am here to Record
In the SURGES of our Urges
When the Male & Female merges
Is the Creation of our Demise
When we trap our children in our Disguise
We teach them our Fear and Pain
As if our Belief are not Insane
We act as if we know it all
That was the Reason for our Fall
I made the same Mistakes
And lived a Life that was Fake
If I only listened to the Words I sang on Earth
I would have lived a Life of Worth
As we stand at the End of Time
And the Mercury Rises all the Time
To hold on to Belief as if the Royal Queen
Will save no-one from the Supreme
Life lived on Earth is the Key
When all Men stand together Free
From the LIES in Secret Minds
To see that Life is what really Binds
Together Man must Stand
Equal as One is what Life Demand
Equal as Life in Honor of each other
Men must live as Eternal Brothers
For those that Dare to Deny
Life with a Final Reply
And Refuse to take hand in hand
Will meet their Fate in the Sand
This has been the Eternal Plan
To Birth Life Here as Man
To in Trust of each other Be Free
And Never again be too Blind to See

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to walk through and as my feet as I’ve acted as a vampire ‘feeture’ wherein I sought after a meaning for self through the eyes of others in order to validate who I pretended to be through and as the energy of approval – instead of realizing how I took my feet for granted within mind possessions of self-interest and greed. Instead I ground myself as my feet as me as my physical body standing according to and as the Equality Equation.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to betray me, my physical body as I participated within the mind of thoughts wherein I manifested and created in dishonesty the world as it exists – instead I stop. I Breathe in and as awareness of me here as my feet, as my physical body as I direct me here according to and as the Principle of Equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed others to ‘sweep me off my feet’ within a belief that I needed to be loved and nurtured through the idea and eyes of ‘love’ – instead I stand firm in support of and as All as One as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that putting one foot in front of the other meant that I was being responsible when in fact, I was selfish and never living responsible and/or considering all life here. I stop. I breathe, I stand in support of an Equal Money System to bring about Heaven on Earth for and as All as One as Equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ‘Toe the line’, wherein I conformed to the rules and standards of the current money system by using various means of getting attention, information, punishment, and/or recognition – Instead I stop. I breathe, I see in self-honesty and common sense the practical solution of Equality and Oneness for and as All.

I forgive myself for accepting myself to ‘Be out of step’ to and as All life, wherein I existed in polarities of right and wrong, thus allowing judgment to manifest consequences of seeking, wanting and desiring to have more money than others as the example of starvation, poverty and homelessness. I stop. I breathe and direct me here as my feet supporting me as my physical body according to what’s best for all.