Fire – Burning the Deception

We are back home after evacuating our home yesterday because of local fires and power outages in our surrounding area.  In the past 5 days, there have been 25 to 30 homes destroyed as well as many outbuildings, cars and other property burned to ashes.  At one point there were 160 men and women from 30 different fire departments on the ground to douse the often 75-100 foot walls of fire.


Ash rained down on everyone and the sky remained gray for hours as the firefighters hustled from fire to fire.  The fire came within less than 3 miles from our home, and witnessing the  magnitude of fire was the closest thing I’ve personally witnessed that resembled a war zone and it was extremely humbling.  Most of us have no idea what it is to suffer in a war torn country where at any moment bombs could drop from the sky or bullets blaze through our windows – and we certainly have no sense of understanding what it is to be homeless and/or what it is to be starving to death. 

Through self-forgiveness, I forgave myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit myself in understanding of what it is suffer every single day of ones life – where struggle as a way of living is normal.  Where water is scarce to none and there is no one coming from other towns to assist because, no one is hearing your suffering.  I am sure more than ever that we as humans, more than likely will have to suffer in order to stand up for those who are suffering in every moment of their day.

The great coming together here in this community that I witnessed, a gathering in which one was able to see how humans are capable of assisting each other in order to save life, is an example of what we are each one capable of.  Most of those whose home and belongings were burned, did not have insurance and so are now homeless, and for that I am sorry. However, I am grateful for the fire, simply because of the support I witnessed of humans in seeing that humanity is capable of far more than what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.  Fire was here and allowed us to see this of ourselves, if we are willing.


Many were heard saying, ‘there was no time to ‘think’, we just had to act in order to save life’.

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