Chernobyl Reclaimed: An Animal Takeover

In the towns where humans have moved out, plants and animals have moved in.  Animals have made a forsaken place their home – where they don’t sense it as contaminated or radioactive as it is said to be.  There are no more pesticides, no industry, no capitalist corporate giants, no wars, no politicians, no consumerism, no traffic, no humans hustling each other in the name of money, power, profit and greed.

It’s been just over twenty five years since reactor number four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded. The blast covered vast areas of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia with dangerous radioactive material.   Whole towns lie abandoned, and cancer rates in people living close to the affected areas are reported as abnormally high, yet the 19-mile (30-kilometer) "exclusion zone" set up around the reactor has turned into a wildlife haven.
horses roam

A group of captive-bred horses released in the region in the 1990s, along with native wildlife, is now thriving.   Here is shown a picture of Przewalski’s horses who roams Ukraine’s Chernobyl "exclusion zone."  These small horses were once found throughout the grassy plains of Mongolia where hunting and habitat loss caused the species to go extinct in the wild. 

Report have been, that radiation, is confusing the hormone signal that the trees used to determine which direction to grow and that some trees are having some difficulty knowing which way is up, however life IS correcting itself from the damages left by humanity.  Plants and trees have sprung back to life, apple orchards are producing fruit and rare species of animals are living there such as lynx, brown bears, cats and eagle owls.  There is a growing number of wolves and, fish have been found which include those reported as extinct elsewhere. 

There are reports of colorful birds who don’t use up their carotenoids, which are powerful antioxidants to create colorful plumage and,  they don’t need to spend extra energy on long migrations, so their immune systems may be stronger.  "The mice seemed to have a natural ‘immunity’ to harm from radiation," Chesser and Baker wrote in a 2006 article published by Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.  Wildlife seems to be proliferating in the Chernobyl exclusion zone and even though not everyone is convinced that these plants and animals are healthy, they are thriving in the midst of uncertainty . 

There are differences between scientists study, and some say there is a consequence from every rock turned over, some believe the area is recovered only in appearance, while nearby residents insist life continues through the animals and nature.  What is obvious is, with the people gone, where the habitants will never know a human being – nature is beginning to win back the land.  The great irony of this particular tragedy is that most the animals are doing considerably better than when the humans were there.

What is clear is that nature in this area has no humans as competitors and/or predators looking to abuse them for profit and greed for the sake of consumption as exists in our current  money system.  Which causes one to ask:  which is worse, our current money system – or the resulting environment created by the Chernobyl disaster which offers a dignified life for nature and animals?  Proof that our Earth does NOT require humans to survive, yet humans require Earth to survive.

I see a message here, the message of Equality – where the solution for All Life will begin when we support an Equal Money System – which will stop who we have become according to our current money system, which is clearly abusive to and towards all living beings and provides no equal support for all.

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