Is Human Nature Flawed?

There are millions and millions of thought processes in which we as humans have and participate in daily.  Every word you can think of – except the word ‘Equality’.  How come there are no sudden thoughts that contain the world ‘Equality’?  I’ve been looking at this point and it’s fascinating to say the least and I challenge anyone to just try it.  Sit and have a dozen or more thoughts with regards to ‘Equality’ – not so easy.  That in itself proves how we are pre-designed and enslaved according to the direction of our mind.  Is Human Nature Flawed according to our accepted and allowed design?

Question how that is possible if you say you’re not brainwashed.  Can you imagine a world where all are Equal and One?  Will you be willing to ask such a question and then apply yourself to investigate?  Come join us as we investigate who we are and how we are able to assist ourselves so as to assist others in bringing forth a world that is best for all. 

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