Self-Willed Equal

I always assumed that I was existing in an awareness of myself and my world.  I wasn’t.  It’s not easy, to realize that everything you’ve ever existed as has been nothing more than that of a pre-programmed system design.  However, it’s worth every breath to investigate how it is that we as humanity are existing as such.  One can be sure if there is resistance and/or hesitance to investigate how it is that we are directed and enslaved according to and as our mind and, sub sequentially our current money system – it’s because we’ve been directed by our mind as consciousness and, simply put – we’re not programmed to comprehend and/or direct ourself to investigate ourself with regards to such a matter. I am seeing this for myself with gratitude through the assistance from Desteni I Process/Desteni Universe Material.

If one is willing, it’s literally going to require self-willed action.  It’s going to require an honesty from within self where one investigates and questions everything they’ve ever known – free from emotional thoughts and feeling experiences we’ve believed to be real.  We must be willing to sacrifice everything we’ve ever been – and be willing to walk away from that which begs us to stay.

We must support that which supports all living beings no matter perceived sacrifice.  Within the deepest core of our being we must see and comprehend that the fate of another is in fact a universal principle in which we have all agreed to as the decreed cause of events.  We must be willing to risk everything in order that all may live life in dignity. We must be willing to stop – breathe and forgive ourselves and let nothing and/or no one stop us from supporting a money system that supports all living beings Equally.

The world ‘Equality’ has no ‘value’ attached to it as we have defined value -  if there are opinions, ideas and/or ego and greed etc, that’s the mind – the ‘Principle of Equality’ values life.   Live Equality into and as your physical being as who you are within every breath walking according to what’s best for all.

Through and as these words as me as who I am I support myself-willing, here as all as one as equal.