If you’ve ever asked yourself "what is missing", then Desteni I Process is for you

Desteni I Process assists one to stop the nonsense and live self here equal and one to and as  all living beings.  It’s humbling to say the least to see the numerous multiple personality disorders I’ve created through and as thought patterns and constructs – for the purpose of attaining an acknowledgment for myself.   It’s rather odd to create oneself in this manner for the purpose of ‘feeling special’ and/or more superior.  Depending on who I am with, will depend on how I ‘feel’ but, the moment I am no longer with that person then how I ‘feel’  will change according to who I am with!

Seeing the pattern of the mind according to the different relationships I’ve had gives clarity that who I really am is not dependent on another. Though, it’s what I’ve become through the beliefs and the thoughts in which I have allowed.   Before, I didn’t consider who I really was  within who and what I was accepting myself to be in this moment here. 

Sounds simple enough to see and stop but, to stop self from CreHating these points of separation within self where self have been controlled by expressions to such an extent that one has lived it into being as who one is – it’s like finding the missing part of yourself that you never even knew you were missing within the constant feelings that there is something missing.  An unrecognized expression of self as who self really is.

If you’ve ever asked yourself "what is missing", then Desteni I Process is for you

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