Why do we want people we don’t like to like us?

I’m seeing how our survival instinct is triggered in various cycles and patterns through our senses.  Sight, touch, hearing and smell through words and symbols.  Every single cell in our physical body is aware.  When we participate through and as impulse patterns of thoughts, and/or emotions and feelings, we then act as such accordingly.  One specific pattern with regards to our fear of survival that I’m going to refer to here, is where, we want people we don’t like, to like us and, we’ll easily become agreeable and give a big smile to remain liked and/or to avoid conflict within a group. We’re programmed to live within social bubbles where we’re impulsed within a certain survival code so to speak. Where we exist and maintain our survival skills and our perceived ideas and beliefs that we are existing within free will.

Like-ability is an immensely powerful asset in civil society.  Salesmen, politicians and, wall street traders, trade on their like-ability all the time and, in return it provides for them an income, a means to survive within our current abusive money system.  The problem is,  this keeps us locked into and as a specific mind construct, giving us a false sense of self.  Where we continue to be manipulated as we self-justify our continued support of a corrupt and bogus money system.  Where seeing the practical common sense of an Equal Money System is difficult to comprehend.  Thus, self-trust, self-responsibility, self-accountability and self-honesty to self cannot exist.  A practical sense of direction of and as self as all as one as equal, is unheard of according to the direction of and as our minds in which we’ve existed as – as consciousness systems.  In self-honesty and common sense, we’re able to see how we want people we don’t like, to like us because ultimately – how and what we perceive of ourself as not liking in them, is actually our own reflection and/or our dislike of self – projecting the part of us we’ve simply not taken responsibility for. Notice how people who will not challenge you in your dishonesty are the ones you like. But, if your dishonesty and/or your opinion is challenged, you won’t like them. Challenges for the mind as a consciousness system goes against our very programming. It’s quite fascinating to see this for yourself.

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