How come people believe in heaven, when the Solution as Heaven on Earth is Possible Here?

I use to be terrified of the dark,  and as that fear I feared dying to such a degree that I learned a little secret, as my mind directed me in and as that fear.  It made me ‘feel’ better and ‘happier’, to believe that a God was going to protect me, and if he didn’t, then at least he’d provide for me a heaven when I died. I believed this to such a degree that I remained oblivious to what is really here as I looked to what may be accessible and what I will acquire, after I died…

This way of thinking is the direction of and as our mind – it keeps us locked into and as a belief system where we are placing something and/or someone as greater than who and what we are capable of being -  which stops us from seeing who we really are as all as one as equal.

Exactly as a computer program, we have been designed and directed according to our mind in separation from all life, where we manipulate, justify, and make things up to satisfy ourselves according to energetic experiences which further charge our mind in and as patterns and constructs.  Individual designs, where together we all exist as, and where no one wants to be held accountable for their actions – nor responsible for and as life. 

When, and as we place something and/or someone as more than another and not equal and one – we are then standing in separation of all life including ourself as our physical body.  This is how the mind traps and enslaves us where we’re not able to determine what is real.  Where the idea of a heaven according to our mind, is equivalent to our belief in a Santa Claus and/or living a fairy tale… When one ‘feels’ the need to survive death to a fairy tale existing in a heaven,  it’s simply because they fear their very survival here because,  our whole life is based upon survival instinct – ‘the fear of survival’.   Fear of survival is nothing more than dying as a mind consciousness system enslaved in and as, and according to a money system that does not support all life,  where we struggle daily unto death. 

It’s time we stop and breathe, and face ourselves in self-honesty – in self-forgiveness, we redesign ourselves, beginning here as the Solution, as One Vote for an Equal Money System, where we remove our fear of survival and we accept, allow and we bring about Heaven, Here on Earth – As All as One as Equal.  Simple.

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