Judgment Day? No Way! What’s Behind the May 21, 2011 End of the World Rumors

Some are saying that ‘Judgment Day’ is almost here, and independent churches are convinced by their interpretations of the Bible, that the end of the world will begin on May 21, 2011.  What is it that makes this day more accurate than the other 220 reported dates where the world has been predicted to end, including December 12, 2012… 

Judgment day

One man said how these prophecies gain traction when difficulties are happening in society, and that right now, there’s a lot of insecurity, and this is a promise that says, it’s not all random, it’s part of God’s plan.  This implies that the estimated 925 million hungry people in the world is part of God’s plan…  How about all the wars we’re involved in, where we’re accepting and allowing others to be slaughtered in the name of money?  If one truly believes in what Jesus taught, which was to, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’, which was in itself the message of Equality – then, if there were a God, we would all have some explaining to do because who of us have lived that?  Instead we’re killing people in other countries for their resources where money has become God.  We’re sitting by watching poverty and starvation reach the highest numbers in recorded history.

What’s behind the May 21, 200 End of the World rumors?  I can answer from experience that, when I ‘thought’ I believed in a God, I never even considered those who were starving and struggling to survive.  I never took responsibility for how others were suffering. I was to busy participating within my mind according to an ‘idea’ that I was taught, and one in which I chose to believe – which was really just self-interest, fear and greed.  I see how I used the idea of a God as an excuse that I accepted so I could continue to not take responsibility for what I have allowed.  I am no longer willing to abdicate myself from all life, by putting the responsibility of our world off on a God that clearly does not exist – it is clear that those of us here on this earth have the responsibility to stand up and insist on a solution.

Stop the nonsense.  Stand up and become responsible for all living beings by supporting the solution that will assist all.  The solution is an Equal Money System.  When May 21, 2011 ends, you’ll see we’re still here,  so, will you  then, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’, and Investigate Equal Money? 

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