Desteni I Process: Birth Your Self-Honesty

I spent most of my life believing that most people are honest. Then my experience with others proved my belief wrong, so then, I trusted no one.  I found myself at a point of depression asking the question, is there honesty in anyone’s word?  Sometimes people think honesty is ‘the telling of the truth’, but that’s not completely true. Because even if it includes telling the truth, it’s really more than that because we rely on our idea’s and definitions in which we’ve been given and then have accepted and allowed ourselves to become, according to our culture in how, when and where we were born and raised.  

People say the word honesty implies ‘to be a good person’, but I have personally witnessed that which appears as good on the surface to be creating the worst of evils.  All of which are merely points of our self accepted nature as we exist in polarity.  Clearly we can see that the word ‘honesty’, is a signature statement belonging to the current money system of our world, where we exist of and as CONsciousness – it’s time to stop, because, we’re malfunctioning. 

I’m finally proving for myself, that I can only trust myself in Self-Honesty and how could I trust another when I was never trustworthy of all life. In self-honesty I can stand up in self-responsibility for how I have existed. Self-Honesty means that I must ask myself how, why and what am I defining myself as according to the words I speak and exist as through the physical actions of who I am in every moment of breath.  Am I asking questions of my world that are according to what’s best for me, or what’s best for all? Am I moving myself in and as a self-directive principle according to the Equality Equation of all living beings here?

We all exist as Mind Consciousness Systems, and we have twisted ourselves in and as ego and self-interest.  As such, we’ve defined ourselves according to definitions which are memories of and as experiences we’ve held onto as thoughts, emotions and feeling = participating within and as the direction according to our mind.  Thus, we cannot be trusted with life, because our starting point began in self-interest/dishonesty and end in time.

Self-Honesty accepts nothing less than what is Best For All = ‘The Principle of Equality’.  All else is irrelevant.  As we follow the Equality Equation of and as   All as One as Equal = Self-Honesty is who we will become and where Self-trust exists.  I have tested this for myself applying the tools offered through the        ‘Desteni I Process’.  I stopped taking 12 highly addicting prescription  medicines that I had been taking daily for 10 years, as well as nicotine and weed addiction, impulsive gambling addiction and for the first time in years,   all depression is stopped! It was simple, I made the decision, I applied the tools, and I am still assisting myself daily with ‘Desteni I Process’. 

As an added bonus, with ‘Desteni I Process’ I am able to earn an income to provide for myself while I’m assisting myself!

You can do the same!  Make the Decision – Desteni I Process:  Birth Your Self-Honesty

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