Obama orders drone strikes in Libya


The ‘unmanned’ Drones have the ability to hone in on targets using powerful night-vision cameras.  And – It’s official, just now in, according to many sources. The White House has now approved the use of the missile-armed Predator drones to help Nato target Colonel Qaddafi’s forces in Libya.  Coalition commanders have been privately urging the Americans to provide the specialist unmanned aircraft, which have become a favored – if controversial – weapon in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The drones are based in the region but typically flown via remote control by pilots in the US. 

I admit that I’m not up to date on the newest version of weaponry , but upon hearing about the recent decision to, ‘bring in the drones’, I had a few questions.  For starters – How much did these things cost to build, and how many are there?

There are currently, 360, sitting ready as a means to kill ~ Each Unit cost was: $4.5 million each!!   Is there No shred of Common Sense that can be seen by us? This is not fair killing any way you look at it!  But then, is any killing of another living being,  fair?  Who do we think we are, and what really gives us the right to kill?   MONEY!  That is the ONLY reason for the kill – follow the money, you’ll see.   Call it anything you want folks, but it is time to understand one fact – We kill for MONEY – Money is God!

The Proof is here to see, because in our world, we prefer to spend money on death machines, than to feed those who are starving to death and living moment to moment, every breath they breathe, in extreme poverty

We may as well go put a mask on, shoot our next door neighbor in the foot, steal his money, and run, because he won’t be able to catch us.  Why not? Oh, that’s right, it’s against the law…  But – DRONE killing isn’t?

You can assist right now in Stopping the insanity that is being accepted and allowed – And don’t think you’re not responsible for the mess that is here, because we all are.  You can Stand Up right now and support an ‘Equal Money System’ –  Move yourself within ‘The Principle of Equality’  

Support Equal Money Here

Be One Vote for an Equal Money System.

When Equal Money is implemented – this shit, will be Stopped!


Obama OKs Use of Armed Drone Aircraft in Libya

Obama orders drone strikes in Libya