From Brain science, new questions about free will – Solution: ‘The Desteni I Process’

Science is beginning to prove how we are controlled by our thoughts, feelings and emotions as shared in a July 2010 article of ‘World Science’.  Where their research validates concerns and casts doubts on common human feelings, and questions our perception in believing that we have any, if no free will.  The article goes on to say that, "our subconscious thoughts can manipulate our goals and motivations much more than scientists ever imagined -  also proving that the human brain is often steps ahead of its owner".  Because the brain prepares actions/reactions well before any self awareness of the thought patterns instruct us to act according to and as them.

They show how our motivation to­ward a goal arise just from seeing words and their patterns with­out us being aware of our participation:  “S­tu­dents were seated at a ta­ble to work on two seem­ingly un­re­lat­ed lan­guage puz­zles.  For some stu­dents, the first puz­zle in­clud­ed words re­lat­ed to achieve­ment (such as win or achieve), and for oth­ers it did not. Stu­dents who were ex­posed to achieve­ment words were found to out­per­form the oth­ers on the sec­ond puz­zle.”They further present a theory based on the idea that the hu­man brain is de­signed for ac­tion, con­tin­u­ously and subconsciously processing information relevant to our accepted and allowed behaviors, so that it is con­stantly ready to ‘in­struct’ its own­er how to deal with oppor­tun­i­ties and chal­lenges posed by our environment.  The theory re­veals just how thoroughly our un­con­scious, subconscious and conscious mind as thought patterns, permeate and control us within our ev­eryday lives in which we are not even aware of. 

Personally, I don’t require proof from science.  I’ve been studying and applying the material within ‘The Desteni I Process’.  They were the first in recognizing the abusiveness of our thought constructs and our word predetermination patterns as well as how we suppress ourselves within and as feelings and emotions, and the tools they offer assist one to realize the facts for themselves. They provide assistance to stop the designs of which we are controlled, so that we are able to redesign ourself step by step.  It has been a simple investment in myself whereby applying the tools -  I am able to assist myself as well as others to do the same.  In the process, I am able to earn a stable and profitable income providing for me and my family – free from the daily grind of the matrix.  Prove it for yourself!

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From brain science, new questions about free will