Stopping Monetary Baggage–With ‘The Desteni I Process’

James Arthur Baldwin is quoted saying: "Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn’t have it and thought of other things if you did."   What are we really thinking about when we’re thinking about money?  Perhaps we think about what we can buy as well as what we can’t buy because we don’t have enough and then we think about what we’re planning to buy when we have more money.  We then discuss the careers with others that bring us money and the expenses that take it away. We also think and then talk about our favorite shops and restaurants, the places we’ve been and seen.  All this and more while we exist in our mind thinking about money – and then we continue to talk and talk about ways in which we can make it all real for us. 

However, if you’ve noticed when we’re talking with another about money – we talk about everything except ‘money itself’.  In daily life, money is still a major conversational taboo. People will talk and talk about ‘things’ they want to have and places they want to see – but they don’t really talk directly about ‘money’.  I have personally had many people tell me that money is not that important to them and they won’t even consider who they would be if they had enough money to provide for themselves.  If you have money, people will listen to you, because at least you can buy their attention, if only for a moment.  Ask a woman who is married to a rich man but is constantly complaining about not being happy, why she doesn’t just leave, she’ll tell you that she loves him and wants to work on the relationship. She’ll swear to you that it’s not about the money.

I use to volunteer for a shelter for abused women. It’s interesting because people who are abused do not have a problem telling you that they stayed because they couldn’t afford to leave.  The saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’, is like a double edged sword covered in polarity because it sure enough buys you food, clothes and shelter and will cause you to stay where you wouldn’t, if it were ‘your money’. 

My story is really very simple – The Desteni I Process is assisting me to Stop the Monetary Baggage I’ve existed as.  I never realized just how much baggage I was carrying around with regards to how I existed within my mind according to my beliefs and ideas regarding money.  I can see how applying ‘The Desteni I Process’ has and will continue to be the perfect investment that I have given to myself.  Investigate and see how you will be providing an awesome gift for yourself as well as you can begin to provide a stable and reliable income for yourself and your family while you’re assisting others to do the same. I am enjoying myself and you will to.

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