Earth Is Our Provider

I have much to face within myself and much to forgive for how and what I have accepted and allowed to exist here.  It’s being able to recognize my patterns of self-abuse that’s often difficult, which is how the Desteni I Process and SRA provides the assistance and life coaching which allows one to become accepting of self in order to bring forth self-trust where one begins to consider all life Equally.  Because of the assistance, I am not afraid to face myself in self-honesty and Stand as All as One as Equal to bring about Heaven on Earth for All.  To stop all abuse.  Including abuse to our Earth.  It becomes frustrating when I hear and read where people are referring to our Earth as violent – specifically with regards to a documentary called ‘Violent Earth’. 

Here are just a few of the statistics referred to in the video:
500+ Volcanoes around the World – 150 in the United States.  In 2010 there were 8,444 Earthquakes reported in the United States.  During the 20th Century, floods were the #1 natural disaster in terms of lives lost and property damage and there were 17 named storms and 9 hurricanes. There are  5 major hurricanes expected during the 2011 hurricane season. Lightening causes an average of 62 deaths, 300 injuries in the U.S. alone, and plenty more that are unreported.  Not included is the recent earthquake in Japan.

It’s inappropriate to name our ‘Earth’ as being violent. I would rather say, let’s have a look at how we are all responsible – and for us to have a look within ourselves as to how it is that ‘Earth’ has more than likely had enough of all of our bullshit and dishonesty, how ‘Earth is aware and is Standing up against the abuse that we continue to accept and allow.  I understand in common sense, even though I can’t prove the words as who I am.  Still, the fact remains that we as humanity are living examples of violence, as we direct ourselves according to self-interest, greed and ego within our search and competition against each other and all life here to have more money than another as we continue supporting the abuse of our current money system. 

When you look at the abuse that we as humanity have caused upon and to our Earth – it is easy to see how and who is really the violent ones. We are all going to have to stop and face and ourselves and become self-responsible.  Realize in self-honesty how we are all responsible for every living being existing here.  We’re going to have to Stand in Support of an Equal Money System, so all can have an equal opportunity to exist upon our Earth where abuse is absolutely not accepted and/or allowed of any living being.  This includes our Earth, because our Earth provides for us even as we walk unaware of how.   We are Equally responsible. Stand Up and Support an Equal Money System – Support All Life

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