Forgiving the child as me who I became according to fears and beliefs

I’m almost finished with the current mind construct which has been the focus of my day all day . And, along the way a remarkable moment occurred where the self-judgment/self-abuse in which I’ve carried now for two weeks about myself, like a goddamned saddle bag, disengaged and released.  One of those amazing moments within process, when release comes with self-forgiveness in such a way, which you can’t explain, and, you really don’t require to. The coolest part of the ‘disengagement of self-abuse’, is that the judgments and jealousy I was forgiving according to my secret mind and back chat towards others, disappeared as well.  Proving for myself once again, that any and all judgments I have toward another is absolutely only the judgments in which I’m holding against myself.  Self-forgiveness heals from the inside out and gives self back to self.
Sharing here just a couple of the self-forgiveness statements that I wrote earlier today – which allowed me to accept the releasing of the old memory patterns of self-judgment and spite toward myself and others of my past which were actually in fact only of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angry and bitter  where I feared and avoided confrontation according to fear of loss and fear of losing control and accepted and allowed myself to believe myself as less than and incapable because I compared myself to another and cast judgment and blame onto them instead of facing myself in self-responsibility. Instead, I humbly ask myself from the inside out to forgive this part of me of which I no longer accept as I let go and release the sadness, and pain and sorrow, and I remain self-responsible as I stand according to and as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have opinions, expectations and fears to and towards men within a point of desperation according to a mind construct pattern requiring energy in order to maintain itself as me wherein I didn’t stop and consider all but existed within a point of helplessness. I stop. I direct myself in realising that the pattern of myself in which I once was, no longer serves me within and as my physical body as who I am becoming in self-honesty.  I stop. I breathe.  I direct myself in and as self-honesty and release myself as me as my physical body from the strains I have in the past allowed and accepted as self-abuse, and I stand here directing self with the assistance from my wholeself as my physical body with every part of me as I stand in support of an Equal Money System and World Equality as All as One as Equal.

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