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Money is accepted as more important than life in this world and proof of that is in the millions who are currently starving.  So we all depend on money to survive, we slave for it, and we desire it in the secret places of our mind in which we barely notice, and we try to deny that Money is God.  In the past I have denied it as well,  but now I see there is no denying the condition we exist as so the power we’ve given money must be distributed equally amongst all.  While writing a mind construct in SRA I’ve been discovering, forgiving and releasing the parts of me I’ve been denying.  It’s a humbling experience to say the least and one in which I’m still revealing.

How I was controlled by this world and others in my world according to and as money was not as it seemed but was because of how I perceived and believed myself to be.  I did not consider and fully understand how I participated in creating experiences of myself,  which was according to an illusion, which I made real through how I defined myself according to what existed and currently exists within this world which was/is the very illusion in which I participated within and as according to the direction I accepted and allowed by my mind.  I became angry, and I was actually angry towards myself because I didn’t succeed in manipulating my parents so that I could have an experience of myself the way I wanted and in my accepted and allowed dishonesty, I directed my anger towards my parents in blame through spiteful thoughts, where I accepted and allowed myself to remain dishonest as I attempted to manipulate them through acting out in reactions of emotions and feelings in order to achieve a certain experience of myself according to the way in which I believed was best for me.  I did not consider what was best for all.  I then transformed and manifested my ideas into a reality which I then experienced as being real, when in actuality, none of it was real as it was all constructed and designed according to a principle hidden, lived and applied under  God/Money. 

Money is the design that connects us all and allows us to continue in spite, greed and ego, the manipulation game of having, seeking and desiring to be and have more than another – instead of considering what is best for all.

I cannot blame or condemn because I, individually, as myself am as much responsible for what this world has become as anyone existing here.  I did nothing, I sat back and accepted and allowed abuse to continue because of my own self-interest according to the fears that I became as a manifested condition of myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist according to and as a condition of myself defined according to and as money where I manipulated and attempted to control others in my world so that I may achieve a place of supremeness where I believed, accepted and allowed spitefulness and dishonesty to be who I became and participated in within my mind as I acted in emotional outflows of myself in order to achieve the desired attention of another all the while hiding in fear of facing myself.

I stop. I breathe. I direct myself here according to and as the Principle of Equality in understanding that Money is God and that in order to survive within this world we all require money/god, so I accept and allow and I stand in support of an Equal Money System so that all may live their life in dignity as All as One as Equal.

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