Money stress within family will stop–with Equal Money

I am more aware than ever how fucked up feelings and emotions and participating in thoughts are. The proof is in the mind construct I’m currently writing with regards to my step dad.  My mind resists me seeing what I’ve held suppressed for so many years – but I keep breathing and pushing myself. I am seeing how I misinterpreted my complete experience of myself as a child where I existed in emotional outbursts, fears and ideas according to how and what I accepted and allowed myself to believe in, with regards to how a father should behave and act towards his daughter – and when he didn’t, I tortured myself within my mind and overlooked what I was really accepting and allowing because I feared facing myself.

The thing that amazes me the most is the part about the money that my mind didn’t want me to notice. But now, I’ve been able to see how money was the defining reason as to why my step dad responded to me the way he did because he worked physically hard to provide food and a place to live and everything else a family requires to function properly within this world. Our current money system has never assisted and supported anyone, and society frowns upon a father who is not bringing in enough money to support his family. Of course he was proud, but I suppose that assisted him to survive the best he knew how and/or was willing to see according to his fear of survival. The pressures regarding money become extreme within a home, and children are left to the imagination and direction of their mind. The thought participation fuels emotional and feeling disturbance’s inside us to such a degree that children then act accordingly in fear.  Self-abuse then becomes the prominent pattern of their existence according to the direction as a mind consciousness system. 

It will be benefitting and very assisting to the child if parents will just be self-honest in facing themselves, and share with their children appropriately their fears, because the mind is not able to respond so quickly to self-honesty.  Which will provide the child the opportunity to see the common sense.  So as to be able to stop themselves from becoming the identity according to their fears based on thoughts and ideas of their mind.  Clearly an Equal Money System is the solution because people are requiring immediate assistance. Stress regarding money will then be eliminated within the family construct and will allow everyone to stop fear of survival.  Which will then allow self-expression to begin a natural flow as who we are. I am 1 Vote for Equal Money & World Equality.

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