Human Tragedy

talkingWe as humanity are pros at watching and talking something to death. Every other month the biggest and most recent world tragedy is splashed across the airways so we can be sure and become preoccupied following the newest source of energy. Obviously, we must be informed and educate ourselves and ask questions according to how our world exists as shown by the multitudes who are suffering. However, at what point do we stop watching and talking, and stand up and provide a solution for all.  With all the talking and debating about what we should or shouldn’t do or have done, there is one thing still left undone.  This moment there are so many starving to death that they cannot be counted.  How come that isn’t making headline news constantly and continually?  How come we’re not asking ourself how come we continue to accept and allow this? Somewhere the same individual being is still suffering from the exact same reason as they were before the recent earthquake and nuclear tragedy in Japan and they will be long after we’ve forgotten and moved onto the next headline news story.  And that is because they require Money in order to provide for themselves. Our current money system is certainly not providing them with assistance. Will you?


The truth is, I am angry at myself that I have not realised sooner what it is going to require of each one of us – in order to bring a stop to the constant pull of control of the mind consciousness systems, we’re going to have to stop. Because, make no mistake about it, we are controlled according to what we accept and allow ourself to exist as, and participate in within our minds, and we don’t even realise that we are.  Even when one begins to realises this within oneself, it is still quite the challenge to remain breathing.  And when the majority of humanity is following the lead of the mind, it may seem strange, but it’s as if I can sense the pull to do the same. We must stop our greedy egotistical selves and face the facts that a solution is necessary. And the Solution is so simple and requires the use of only three words… Equal Money System.  These three words will bring an end to our fear of survival and set humanity on a course of recovery. We can then stop participating in the energies surrounding global news tragedies because the solution will already be in place. There will be no need for constant debates and talk when the solution is put into action as us each one standing here as:  1 Vote for an Equal Money System & World Equality. If you want to talk about something, then let’s get serious talking about Equal Money For All – From Birth ’til Death – Begin walking as the Solution = Equality. Or, please, shut up…

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