Physical Self Application for and as All Life in Accordance to the Equality Equation


My partner Randy, he built a home in three days for our chickens who will be here this evening. I admit that I’m grateful for my life together with all the beings here, and I have been moving myself and becoming reacquainted with myself in self-honesty within and as my physical body.  Physically redefining myself with my partner and my agreements with all those in my immediate world.  My partner Randy and I have been cleaning and realigning our home and our physical living area, preparing adequate living for those living on the land and it’s been a gradual reminder for me to keep it simple.  Someone said to me, ‘you mean like spring cleaning’ – it’s really a maintenance for and as myself breathing here within and as my physical together with those existing here with me.  Where I/We as individuals take responsibility to assure that I/We move ourself according to and as the physical within all areas of our life in order to accept and allow Equality as the Principle for all within the collective.  Simple physical movement, breathing and interacting within and as our physical world – where I/We provide and care for each other as and for all life here living with us in our immediate surroundings of which I/We are responsible for. Thus I/We allow ourself to become more aware that All life here on earth exists as a collection of consequences according to individual action in accordance to a principle within we ourselves are standing.

I/We are standing according to a Principle of Equality, wherein – I/We stop questioning from the perspective of confirming reality through the mind of fears and beliefs manipulating in order to obtain an answer to confirm an idea of what life is according to seeking and desiring in self interest.  Instead, I/We question our world according to the realisation that suffering exists in abundance and that something is completely wrong within this world and that assistance for All is required immediately. Thus, the solution is an ‘Equal Money System’, which will allow us all to move beyond our fears and limitations so we as all can come together as a collective becoming practical living examples within awareness application of and as ourself moving together as one in and as the Equality Equation of which will purify us all as All as One as Equal.  I/We accept responsibility for and as All life here – Equal and One in All ways – fear within us then disappears. 

We’re here, standing in support of an Equal Money System so that all beings are able to exist here on this earth together within and as Equality providing all with the basic requirements in order to live their life in Dignity.


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