Time Release

I uncovered an understanding of myself in time where clarity of self can now accumulate more effectively.  I required further study of mind constructs,  so I set about certain times during my days specifically for study so as to clear my path so to speak, to not allow interruptions within my  physical world.  Also key was expanding my vocabulary to assure myself that I understood the meanings and definitions of the material.  As I walked my day completing the necessary daily things required of me – I remained aware of myself breathing and stopped any mind participation and my mind would attempt to offer advise and/or suggestions regarding my scheduled mind construct study. lol.  Which was rather funny.  To even consider any suggestions from my mind regarding mind constructs is absolutely absurd…

It seems simple enough, and it is, because, after I physically completed my studying and lesson assignment -  was when I realised just how much time my mind had offered assistance.  It often seemed as if I was stopping and applying self-forgiveness frequently as I completed tasks around the house.  My mind offered that I change my study time, and/or that maybe I should restudy this or that, etc…  Yet, when I physically completed the assignment, it was as if time stood still and as if it only took me a single moment breathing.

Comprehending and applying the material as I walked the timeline of my mind construct in self-honesty applying self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements has assisted me to realise myself within my moment of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching.  Which assists me to be more aware of myself in every moment so as to stop my participation in my mind as I walk and direct me as my mind as self-directive principle here as all as one as Equal.  Was very cool. It’s just a beginning…And, I passed my lesson – Influential person 1 Mind Construct!  Now beginning my next lesson – Influential person 2 Mind Construct.


So, participating within and as the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions, is just you, doin time…

Stop and Breath – In Self-honesty, Forgive Yourself

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