The Gentle Reminders of Equality

I took a walk outside today with a 7 month old baby on my hip and I remained aware of my breathing. It was the only way I was able to view her world according to her. It’s cool because she had nothing to say as we walked and together touched leaves and the trunk of a tree. As she touches the leaf, it’s as if her fingers are moving in slow-motion and she literally breathes consistently and seems to genuinely savor her moment. As she touched the strong bark of the tree with both her hands, she glanced up at me and smiled as if to say, ‘it’s glorious here’. Fascinating example of self-direction in self-honesty, because here within her self understanding within and as her physical world, at 7 months old, everything is simple. Equal and One.

No, this is not a made up pretty and sweet story, and our world is not ok. As I look at her amazement within everything she touches – I recall the stories I have read recently of the mother who cradles her starving baby. And the family separated because their dad just got busted for cooking and selling drugs because he couldn’t find employment which means he can’t feed his family. Or the over 50,000 children just in the Philippines alone, who have been arrested and detained since 1995. Tortured, raped and other forms of cruel treatment such as child pornography which are a part of their every day life before during and after incarceration. The true life stories of children suffering, they are everywhere within this world. All symptoms of our ‘Current Money System’. We as adults, we exist in fear of each other, and we can’t or won’t see the child’s world. There is a simple solution for all that we can choose to accept and allow. We can stand up in self-honesty and we face ourselves in self-forgiveness. We become one vote in support of an ‘Equal Money System’. Then abuse will begin to end…

So if my words here seem all fluffy, sweet and unimportant it matters not. My day offered assistance and guidance for me in which I graciously accepted and allowed. I know that how she now exists within her world, I once did as well, as did we all. We’ve just forgotten. So, I am going to continue to enjoy the gentle reminders of Equality.

Support an ‘Equal Money System’ – What are you waiting for…

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