Agreement in Self-honesty

Today my practical self-forgiveness application of self-honesty had to be proven to be in agreement with my self-expression. Where I had to remain aware of my breathing and become certain that I am honest with me and my inner awareness of myself – before I acted in outer awareness as me speaking to an auto mechanic – and we would be speaking about money. I was grateful for the blogs that I wrote from the night before. They assisted me to remain aware and self-honest with myself with regards to money, and to act accordingly within and as my physical moment.

Three months ago, R and I suggested an auto mechanic to fix my daughters car – two months ago he was given $500 for an agreed needed part, but, the car still wouldn’t start. So now two months later he says the car is fixed, and is paid $264. The car starts upon leaving the shop, but later it won’t start and so my daughter gets a ride back to his shop and asks for her money back. He says he’ll only give $60 dollars of her money back to her, but if she wants to somehow get the car back to him he’ll continue trying to figure out the problem. My daughter calls me and she is fearful. She’s fearful of confrontation, and now she doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t have anymore money and her car still isn’t starting. She has always called me to fight her battles for her and/or to confront a person and/or situation she is fearful of.

I have always been more than willing to step in for her and it’s been a couple of years since she’s even asked me. In the past, when I’ve assisted her, I was existing within the energy of the moment. Energy that I accepted and allowed according to my participation in my thoughts and the emotional feelings surrounding it. I got off on it. And that energy always surpassed any ideas and/or fears that I may have had but didn’t even realise because I was so engulfed in the energy. However, today I proved for myself the power of self in self-honesty. I breathed and I applied common sense. When I spoke to the mechanic – I remained self-honest. I did not become personal – meaning that I did not accept nor allow myself to judge and/or attack him personally. I offered only common sense solutions and shared with him that I would not accept anything less than self-honesty from him as well as myself, and that I was prepared for whatever it takes to reach an agreement that is equally fair for all. The coolest moment is when you realise for yourself how self-honesty – kills all fear.

He was the one who made the decision to go to where her car was and remove the part he was charging her for, and he also replaced the old part he had removed. He then returned all of her money to her and when he left – her car started, and has been starting ever since… My daughter was assisted as well as she witnessed how effective breathing and applying self-honesty is.

Self-honesty – frees us of fear, because in self-honesty, there is truly nothing to fear. When self-forgiveness is walked as self-awareness in self-honesty – equality is accepted and allowed, and when applied – never even questioned… It’s then you realise there is no right and no wrong, there is only breathing in self-honesty and applying practical common sense, which brings forth an Equal solution for all… It’s very cool. It’s actually so simple that words seem to amplify the simplicity.

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2 thoughts on “Agreement in Self-honesty

  1. Very cool Cathy! Sometimes when I speak about money, i feel nervous and my blood getting hot in my body.
    Cool to be clear and direct and understanding that it’s not necesary to fight! Does your daughter is now applying desteni’s tools?

  2. Thanks for reading Laura. Yes my daughter has been reading the Desteni material for almost 3 years and she writes and applys self-forgiveness for herself daily. Though she is not currently active with Desteni because she doesn’t have a computer or access to the internet.

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