I made my first post tonight on the new demonology forum.  I also shared some backchat I’ve had a couple of times recently.  I had resistance to go there and finally I knew I had to. One thing I know for sure is, if there is resistance, then I better get to pushin! So, I did and I can honestly say it’s like part of a weight just fell off me.  I have started a backchat diary as was suggested by Bernard and so I already knew how difficult writing out one’s backchat is. The mind doesn’t like it’s deepest of secret’s to be seen.  I will have more to share.
That Bernard, lol, no kudos required, but, he knows where the hell to lead one, but, it requires one be willing to face self in self-honesty and walk it out breathing in self-forgiveness.  It’s obvious to,  that his talk is his walk…

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