The moment is what it is

I was watching a movie tonight when I recognized one of the actors in the movie according to his voice. I sat there as I saw my mind wanting to search into itself for a picture to match the sound I was hearing. I refused to search, I stopped.  Why go there. I refused the participation my mind was seeking.  The moment is what it is.   I continued enjoying the movie.   Suddenly, I knew exactly where and what movie I’d seen the actor in some 15 years ago and yeah, he looked different, but he sounds the same.  So what – nothing more is required..It was really an ordinary moment where my mind wanted and needed me to paricipate and again I realised how simple it really is to just stop.   All and everything that I require to know is here as me breathing in this moment.
However, the highlight of my day was a seemingly unnoticed moment of me realising something about the ants that are here. Something that I should have already known which is – the ants here at my house – don’t care for meat…