Home is where Everyone is Equal

Walking around the backyard friday evening with Addie and Bella was quiet, because our other seven dogs left hours ago and are still not home.  I knew they would be home, eventually, with probably quite the adventure to tell, and I never considered nor accepted or allowed anything other than the realisation of that.   The first home on saturday evening was Chubs, he’d made it home after being gone 30 hours and he was hungry and thirsty as he marched straight for food and water.  The next two home on sunday afternoon, was Fozzy and Hammy, and they leisurely strolled in after being gone for 45 hours, it was great to see them.  Then, 52 hours after leaving home on friday afternoon, here came Remmy, Sissy, RJ, and Charlie, they were now all home.  When  Addie,  Bella and I went out to see if they had fun, lol, there was clear evidence they did.  They were all having themselves some rest, sprawled out and comfy.   Interesting how animals upon returning home from a grand adventure, have no desire to pull anyone into their past experiences of themselves.  Though, the scent of their  adventure lingered, and the way that Addie and Bella sniffed them, I’m sure they had a grand one.  This is not their first adventure together , and I’m grateful that they always come home, cause home is where everyone is Equal.
We stand here as self-directive principle within the Equality Equation of 1+1=2.

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