Walking the country road in front of my house I’m aware of how quiet on the inside I am. I ask myself what does that mean exactly.

It’s simple, is my answer to self.  There is no meaning, no explanation, no deep profound words of explanation, no introduction or reason for being.  It’s ok if it’s Simple…

Simple sums up my day – and to even say that ‘simple’ sums up my day, is rather simple. Simple began when I opened my eyes and had no thoughts, I just got out of bed. Simple is when I touch the coolness of my coffee cup as it grows warm in my hands as I pour fresh brewed coffee into it. Simple is when Randy brought home lunch and I didn’t participate in the thought of saving half of it for later. Just a couple examples of the many simple moments of my day today. Stopping – became simple.

Simple doesn’t live in the thought that maybe I’ll want half of my lunch later – because simple does not predetermine my next moment of self according to and as thoughts of my mind. Simple is me here breathing in self-awareness.

Simple is me breathing and every word written is exactly specifically who I am in this moment here. It’s simple. Simple is so simple that it cannot be described because simple simply doesnt’ exist in the past or the future, simple exists here within and as this moment of self-accumulating myself in  self-honesty within and as self-standing within the Principle of Equality – All as One as Equal.  Keep it Simple.  Stop. Breathe.

Grateful for Simple

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One thought on “Simple

  1. Simple to read, simple to understand, not always simple to apply, but I simply will get there without desiring it and simply be there.
    Thanks Cathy.

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