An Equal Money System Is User Friendly

I walked onto the front porch and saw the birds who were feeding in the feeders fly to nearby branches. I told em to come on back and eat that I just had to walk some trash out. They did 🙂   I spoke the words to them before, but that was the first time they did.  At first I had this thought of ‘hey, they’re beginning to trust me’… lol  Then I realized that it’s not that they’re beginning to trust me, it’s that they’re reflecting me according to how I am accumulating myself in self-honesty within and as self-trust here.  I stood in the front yard a bit longer as they continued to gather, and I’m still amazed at how many birds have accumulated here sense we first put all the feeders out almost 6 months ago. At first they ate separately, then they ate sitting next to their own species.  Now, they all eat side by side, and yeah they fuss at each other once in awhile, but they will sit and eat next to each other.  They’re not bothered about having more or being better than another, they’re just appreciative of the food offered to all Equally.

Their accumulative flow of movement with each other is daily proof for me that an Equal Money System will actually assist people to adapt well with each other in ways – we don’t have the capability to imagine – but spells releasing.  Because competition within our mind projection towards each other will begin to stop with Equal Money, and if you’re honest, you gotta admit competition exists only within our mind and it’s exhausting.  It’s kind of crazy when one realize that we accept and allow and support a money system that allows starvation as an acceptable consequence of being born without money.  Our current consequences can be see within the atrocities that are existent within this world  – over a billion people are starving to death  – that should grab us by the seat of our pants because, there are deadly consequences that we have all manifested together here… One by one the accumulation of our consequences will lead a path to the door of its creator and that is every one of us… We’ve become so user friendly in our seeking quick fixes of energy highs that we became stuck within our mind of thoughts and we left our physical body here to pay the consequences as physical death.

Support Equal Money, because an ‘Equal Money System’ will assist us each one to be and become Self-responsible for and as All life here – User friendly as all as one as Equal