Destonian Here Standing

Before beginning the process of self-forgiveness. I never even considered who, how or what I was accumulating myself here within and as, nor would I have known where to begin. Then I found and began researching the material at Desteni Universe, which has been said by some to be repetitive and lacking in meaning. lol.  Not true… Their ego must have jumped in ahead of them and they gave into it.

The Desteni Material is Specific when applied by self as suggested. And, that’s where I began applying the tools and walking the process of self-forgiveness. As I heard and read and continued to study the material I knew it was registering within me, but for the life of me I wasn’t sure how.  Was almost as if the words were turning me and my insides out. lol.  As if the information is offered within and as a form suitable for building self-reliance and self-trust within and as all life here.

Then it was suggested we consider shaving our head and from the moment I heard the suggestion I knew wanted to and that I was going to – but I had to push through points of fear. So from the moment I first shaved my head, I began to see the possibility of  accumulating effects of me in self-honesty as all as one as equal. The act of shaving ones head is often seen as a strange action for a woman but,  my action of doing so was not forgotten by a woman who emailed me shortly after I made my Desteni Hair Dare video.

She emailed saying how she would like to shave her head to, and that maybe now she would consider it.  I spoke to her through email a total of like 5 times during which she agreed to at least allow her grandson who was 14, to cut her hair short and sort of buzz it.  She was concerned what her employer would say, but she no longer wanted to participate in support of the current money system and the chemicals that sell alongside beauty shops and so she stopped going to them.

Her grandson was cool support for her and promised he would keep assisting in keeping her hair short and so she made a promise to him that she will stop supporting hair salons and products with chemicals and she sent me an email stating so over a year ago. Then a couple of days ago she wrote to me again and so am sharing those emails here…

in January of last year after you and some others had shaved your heads I agreed to let my 14 year old grandson cut my hair for me.He is pretty good at cutting hair. I let him trim it for me a few more times.With the colder winter weather I decided to let my hair grow out a little. Last month i recieved a notice that i had been selected for jury duty for the month of Feb.
I was going to make an appt. to go to the hair salon but my Grandson reminded me that i had said that i would never set foot in a beauty salon again. I had forgotten that i had said that.
I tryed to pretend that i did not remember making the vow but he could tell that I was lyeing.He knew that it was vanity that i wanted to go to the salon.He wanted to give me a good short barber trimming for my jury duty so I let him do it. He trimmed it up again last sat. and will trim it for me every weekend until my jury duty is finished.
It is the shortest haircut that he has given me, and for good reason? He told me to hold my head high and to be proud of my home haircvut. And i am.
Bless you for doing the work that you do.

Hi Bev,
LOL. That’s very cool, and is awesome support you have there.  I would be curious his perspective if you asked him,  ‘what meaning comes forth from within him when one refers to the ”Equality Equation within and as all Life Here’.


would it be ok if I give Tim your email address? I do think that he would enjoy that. I am sure it will be ok with my daughter too. My parents and Grandparents believed in the old  “do as i say, not as I do” way of raising kids and it took me a long time to realize that is NOT the way to raise children.
I should have known better than to try and lie to him. In my heart I know that he did the right thing with the barber clipping of my hair for the jury duty.

Hi Bev,
Yes, That’ll be ok.  My parents and grandparents were the same. Seems we’ve all just rotated this way for generations. Which is why it’s so important to allow children to express themselves.

Hello Cathy–  I am glad that gram told you about her haircut and why I had cut it down so short this time.

Well i do believe and know that all people are born equal and if we all would treat each other that way the World would be a better place.And if we would all be honest with one another would also help a lot.We also need to share everything equally as well. I mean food and money and well everything. The trouble going on in Egypt now is terrible.I first started thinkning about these things last year when we read asbout thr Watergate scandal years ago with all of the lies and deceit.
And i certainly believe that we should not use or waste any more of our natural resources that need be. To save it for the next generation to use.
And all animal life has just as many rights as human beings do as well.I think that is one thing that your group stands for as well.
I was just a little disappointed when Gram wanted to go to the hair shop before her time of jury duty started. But when she said that she didv not remember making the promise that she would NEVER go into the hair shops again I knew that we needed to have a talk.
But she did agree to let me cut her hair for her again before the jury duty started. I hope that you understand why I decided to cut her hair down so short.
My brother and I have been raised to always tell the truth and when we give our word about soemething then we are to keep it.I think Gram told you that i am 14 years old but i had a birthday in Dec and am now 15.
We have also been taught that when we do tell a lie that there will be consequences for that.Anither reason for Grams short haircut.
And I think that one reason that gran was tewmpted to go to the hair shop was because she had let her hair grow out during the winter time.
So i told her that i will trim her hair every weekend as long as her jury duty lasts which will be one month.
Do you think that it was fair of me to tell her that?
I just think that if she would let me or at least someone keep her hair trimmed down short not that she will not be tempted to go to the hair shops anymore.
Does that make sense to you.
I would like to hear your thoughts about Gram and the hair promise that she has made.
Gee I think she said that you have even kept your hair all shaved off for the whole year? That is so neat of you to do that.That is why gram amde her promise and i do believe that she should keep the promise.
Good things to you and your family

On the surface and to most readers, our correspondence may seem like no big deal. But for me, it’s a timeline of sorts and stands representative of and as me, within who I was, what I accepted and allowed, and how I was existing as when I began walking self-honesty within a moment of definitive self-direction accumulating myself walking – reversing self’s dishonesties, and accumulating effects of and as me within and as my world as all as one as equal.
The day I shaved my head was a defining moment for me to stand up for all life Equally and as a visual sign for self to commit to self to stand unrestricted and to face self within and as all imprints and impressions existent here as me and to in self-honesty release them through self forgiveness walking within and as self-corrective application.  To practically comprehend for and as self the meaning of accumulating myself Equal and One to and as All here in every single moment as self-walking within and as One Breath.

I acknowledge, support and will assist always in bringing forth an Equal Money System & World Equality… A Right of  life for all here
Destonian Here Standing
Grateful to Desteni Universe FaceWorldFaceOff for The Hair Dare