Stopping BlindFold Effects As Fear of Loss

My physical body has been assisting me very kindly the past couple of weeks and I am grateful. I noticed yesterday evening that both my lower legs, just barely above my ankles as well as my feet were swollen. My mind attempted to lure me to fear for my life with thoughts of this being some sort of ‘serious condition’. LOL  It’s a serious condition alright, a condition called ‘accumulated participation’ in thought patterns and constructs of my own mind consciousness system design…

I have in the last couple days been writing and rewriting and applying self-forgiveness with regards to points of regression – which I verified through muscle communication with regards to my past where I would rationalize my defenses through and as self denial when I was confronted by others who were suggesting that I was over reacting.  Where I wouldn’t even consider the point they were offering me to see because I was in such fear and denial.  Everything we are today can be traced back to our defense mechanisms that we formed from our childhood.  Acts of shielding ourself down from our fears and perceptions where we believe we are not loved and so we do not love ourselves, until finally we no longer have any self will left to survive within this world… Regression thus incapacitates us while and as we’re existing within and as our own mind participation.

I made a vlog today because I knew it to be part of my process and I knew that I stumbled a bit in my video.  Making it assisted me though in bringing a clearer understanding within myself with my responsibility within and as our ‘Current Money System’. A particular point in my video where I am referring to how I held my own hands when I walked 24 hours blindfolded – I saw the point within me when I raised my hands very quickly. It was in that moment that I knew I was existing in separation from my physical body. I wasn’t breathing, so I corrected myself in the moment and continued sharing, but a couple of times when I stumbled my words and where I kind of dragged on the point I was sharing was because I was realizing how I have been a supportive role within my accepting and allowing of our ‘Current Money System’, yet, I kept talking, and for a moment lost my breath. That’s all that is required, a moment nor breathing and our mind will direct us instead of us directing our mind…I did stop. And I breathed and focused because, I saw the distraction that I had allowed.  I’m not that effective making vloggs, lol, well, making the vlog was effective and assisting support for me – so that comment was my mind jumpin in for attention and therefore not valid. I stop. I Breathe.

According to Veno’s Structural Resonace – The ankle points exist as that which enslave us as humans within ideas, perceptions and or beliefs that we are actually moving forward and directing ourselves in our world. When actually we’ve become stagnant within the system controlled and enslaved within memories and past experiences and then we manifest no change or expansion and no movement as self as all as one, no directive principles as all as one….

I can see that I’m clearer now within where and what and how I require myself to direct me here within and as all as one as equal. Is cool that within two hours after making my vlog the swelling in my legs, feet and ankles stopped. No more blindfolded video’s for me required…

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to doubt my effectiveness within and as my process after I vlog. Instead I realize that every moment of facing myself is my process, and doubt is like the debt within and as our Current Money System = not reliable and unacceptable.  I stop. I breathe

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to wait, hope and trusting according to a dedication and commitment of myself consisting entirely to that which exist separate myself from my physical body.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be enslaved within memories and past experiences wherein I would have no change or expansion of myself as moving forward and directing myself within and as my world.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be tied and bound by the shackles within my ankle points as the stagnation system wherein I define myself according to beliefs.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing fear of loss which is actually fear of losing self according to how I have defined myself within and as a system that is of consciousness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest, destroy and define myself according to who I am within the system. I stop.

I breathe. I am standing up for all as one, taking responsibility for myself as all as one so all may see and realize that each individual expression within existence is responsible for all of existence as one.

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  1. Hi Kathy.
    Cool post. I have thought this a lot, but hardly stop to write a note. Just want you to know I have enjoyed your posts, even if I don’t always express my gratitude.

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