US cities spending splash blinds City Hall from human cost of cuts

Financial Times: 2011 Feb –Cash strapped and Broke – The USA, hit in the face, again.  Barack Obama, US president, will propose cuts to favoured anti-poverty and environmental programmes. And, Alan Simpson, co-chair of his deficit commission, called this approach is “sparrow belch in the midst of the typhoon”.   The budget, due next week, will halve the funding for programme’s that helps states reduce poverty,and also will cut $125m from a programme to clean up the Great Lakes, and offer $300m less to help states revitalise poor areas.
It is definitely a reality that America cannot escape, with poverty and starvation the highest all around the World than it’s ever been, and rising.

The toilet has been flushed folks.  Support an Equal Money System… Before your canned, or, pushed over the cliff, just like those before you…
Default or Devastaion will be the choices as unemployment numbers continue to rise
We may ‘think’ we have ‘free will’ but free will isn’t providing food and means for people to properly care for themselves.   Everything and everyone has a price and there is no such thing as ‘free will’.

Stand up as all as one as equal and support an Equal Money System and World Equality

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