Super Bowl a Magnet for Under-age Sex Trade

ATLANTA — Feb. 2011 –Pimps will traffic over 400,000 under-age prostitutes to Texas for Sunday’s Super Bowl, hoping to do business with men arriving for the big game with money to burn.

Police in Texas are reporting, ‘The Super Bowl’ as being one of the Biggest Human Trafficking events in the United States.  And, tonight, begins their night of horror and Money Demons will be everywhere. Our Current Money System doesn’t support millions of people so it’s no surprise that children are preyed upon to make big money fast.  While millions were hosting ‘Super Bowl’ parties -An estimated, 400,000 girls between 11 and 17 were about to begin selling themselves for sex as they do business with the men arriving for the big game ready and willing to pay…

The Girls who will be facing the grim trade tonight face a life of harsh treatment and danger, and few if any will emerge who are willing to speak about it.  You can’t blame them for not speaking, because they know the truth of their struggling, and they know no one is listening anyway.

Some 90% of runaways and children whose parents force them to leave home with money being the root cause and fall into the trade.  They are often beaten, drugged, raped or imprisoned to force compliance. Pimps tattoo girls with “$” signs or the word “Daddy” and take them to unfamiliar cities where they are more vulnerable. Typically, pimps recruit unwitting girls at shopping centers, mall events and on the Internet. Once ensnared, shame, fear and psychological manipulation by pimps make it hard to break free and stop themselves.

Reports show that at previous Super Bowls, pimps hired cab drivers to turn their vehicles into mobile brothels. The fact that this is accepted and allowed to continue by us as humanity, is absolute insanity.

What do we say to the children of this world as to how and why we justify this within ourself?

Come on, let’s see the common sense.

You have an estimated 400,000 under-age prostitutes that know of what goes on at these super bowl events, every goddamn year – so, who is talking, very few. How come? Because of Money and power and greed.

It’s became such an ‘event’, that what ever city the super bowl is played, the attendants at the airports hand out flyers to under age girls who may require assistance but can’t or won’t tell… That flyer is not the kind of paper these girls require – they require the kind of paper that will assist them to survive which is Money…


While we sit on our ass pretending we don’t see the abuse existent within and as our ‘Current Money System’ which does not provide for All Life Equally… With an Equal Money System – This will be stopped. Because every living being will be provided for Equally…

The Current Money System is Unacceptable – Time for Demons of Money Possessions be Stopped

There is a Solution,  an ‘Equal Money System’

Support Equal Money