Demolishing Decorative Demon Designs & Stopping Mind Parties of My Past – Part 1

I began watching a video today by Gregg Braden: : The God Code – Gregg Braden (Part 1 of 3).
I have not heard Gregg Braden speak in a little over 3 years. I stopped listening to him when I began studying the Desteni material, though I use to frequently listen to him. This particular video was posted on face book, which is how the following points within it grabbed me to investigate myself further. As I was hearing the video today, I didn’t get very far before I stopped. I haven’t heard much of it as I stopped to write here and share as I hear.

As I begin to hear him, it seems as if I have found, an allocation point of myself, as my mind consciousness system.  Parts of me, I had forgotten – meaning – the way in how and, what he was sharing within and as the material he’s speaking, through his tone of voice – the ’emotional feelings’ of false ‘comfort’ that came forth from within me as I heard about his worldly travels.  His knowledge of so many cultures and damn, I see the ‘allure’.   I know that I have to stand within oneness and equality of myself in this moment,  meaning – no separation from my mind as the thoughts, the feelings and all the goddamn emotions of me that I have existed within and as, as a ‘mind consciousness system’ – within and as the Unified Consciousness Field.  Maybe I haven’t fully lived  complete understanding of what all I wrote just now  – however, I’m willing, in self-honesty, to stand within and as Oneness and Equality as what and who I am in this moment.
He begins to speak of his travels and I begin to understand myself in how I developed and allowed my minds direction within ideas of travelling…

People mostly never travel Equal and One as All life here, they travel with Reason.
I did and I’ve never even physically traveled outside the country that I live in.  Reason lives in my mind.  Reason is how and what I have accepted and allowed and gave permission to, to lead and direct me as it, ‘a mind consciousness system’.  I assisted, by providing hours and hours of mindless entertainment soaking up images into my mind of how and what I saw and exist as within and as my world.  I even through my own personal self-imaged insecurities that have believed myself to be, I add and compound those to.  I thought and I thought and I thought, until I would either have to go to sleep, or, have a massive headache.  I daydreamed as I sat glariing hopelessly and endlessly toward the clouds on a beautiful sunny day, or as I gazed at a sunset so pretty that I felt the need to run and gather everyone around me to share in my daydream, so much mind traveling… The favorite catchy mind phrase we as humans process forth as we say– I’m already there – – – -Mind Traveling Must Stop

Interesting and dumbfounding, it’s like, I found another dumbed-down dishonesty button.  To now see how my input of images and, action filled motion pictures, that I accessed, uploaded, processed and adapted into and as me through my childhood and teenage world, which was really very limited compared to the world of the internet that we can access currently – meaning, most of the images of my mind accessed as uploads were through local television programming.


My parents were friends with this couple named ‘Sally & Arnold’ – they fascinated me because, they traveled all around the world because of where they worked.  I have no idea where they worked because I was 6 or 7 and I didn’t really care where they worked.  I only barely noticed that they were not especially, ‘pretty’ people.  I didn’t care much about how people looked when I was around that age.  The only thing I know about these people, is that they had the most remarkable stories about themselves and their experiences of living somewhere other than the USA.  And they provided me with input to gather within and as my mind travel.  I recall that I ‘thought’ Americans – my perpective awareness during that age – was that I thought Americans were boring.  At least most of the adults that I knew and listened to, they were all Americans.  All they ever talked about was the same stuff and over and over.  So Sally & Arnold, hell, there stories became part of my mind party…

Because there was no internet when I was young, my image input that I was exposed to in which I accessed and uploaded within and as me in my mind, with regards to my idea of ‘Foreign Countries’ – the imagery,  was all from history books at school.  Also, childhood movies like Cinderella, and/or magazines and books from local bookstores, that was the extent of my ‘American Culture Imagry’, and even that was limited.  The stories of Sally & Arnold would eventually lose their power because of lack of imagery provided, lol,  I just realized, Sally & Arnold, not one time did they ever bring pictures to share of their adventures, hmmmmm.  No one ever said a word or asked why, nor did I. I was too lost in my mind as I imagined being them instead of me…The imagery of my mind, provided me with energy when I participated in it, when I accepted and allowed my mind entertainment as a distraction, a disabling of myself,  and those images, they are stamped, ‘Property of the supposedly good ole’ USA’.

As I existed as such and, as I became a teenager, I wanted to go where the motion picture stars lived. I wanted to walk the street of ‘Rodeo Drive’ baby, and my mind assisted me in creating  money out of thin air just to be able to shop hand in hand with a movie star.  Perfect example of how and why our ‘Current Money System’ ‘creates’ money out of thin air to sustain itself.  Because that is what we all participate in within and as ‘Mind Consciousness Systems.


The images in my mind, that I accepted and allowed within and as self-dishonesty, brought to life the stories my mind offered.  I once saw an episode of a soap opera on tv that was filmed in Scotland.  The character and star of the show was having a blossoming romantic relationship with a handsome guy, so then, I wanted to go to Scotland.  Once I had the image input in place in my mind, thoughts as stories took over, and I partied – within and as my mind in self-dishonesty…  Same way with Italy and New Zealand.  Thoughts of Italy was fired up within and as energies we call feelings and emotions.

Which re-enforce and re-enact the ideas of our mind, which for me, the enactment of love was wrapped cozy tight and warm and kept me trapped within and as a belief system about what love is.  And, I was never quite able to capture myself as having as much fun when experiencing love in the physical because, love brought fear. My mind’s ‘idea’ of love was not the same because, after all, it is just an illusion.  I tried as I chased the dragon of love and I lost myself to the energy. Once I bought a book about being addicted to love and I was sure it was going to provide me with a solution for myself.   After I read it, all I remember thinking was, ‘is that the best you got to offer’…


The solution for self is facing self in self-honesty and applying self-forgiveness, I am now comprehending how the ‘flame of love’ is, it will always die, doesn’t matter who your with or where you are located.  There are no exceptions because, the thoughts and the energetic feelings and emotions – were all created in my mind, it’s how we all have existed as. So, it was never real in the first place.

New Zealand was also a place within my mind where I wanted me to be.  Because, the  ‘rumor’ was, the most opportunity to see a whale up close and personal, swimming right next to ones boat, is in New Zealand.  I always wanted to experience myself being close enough to touch a whale and my mind assisted me to create the delusional stories.  The energy in which the tale offered was that of adrenaline, and adventure, the feeling of excitement.  Nothing real or sustainable.  And certainly not supportive within what is best for all.


My mind then began to obsess, possess and process itself in  pretty lights and pictures.  Marriage and  the stress of money within the relationship and the fear of survival as we struggled to exist within our ‘Current Money System’ – is when I began to accept and allow images of the lights of Las Vegas.  That’s where I longed to be. I had heard so many Huge stories about how fabulous it is and, how much money one can win inputting a small amount of money – money as me as Reason.   I imaged in my mind winning Big money.  Never was there an ending within the pattern of ‘winning program’ – meaning that, the story line in my mind, never went anywhere because, in my mind, I just kept winning… As I accepted and allowed my mind to direct me, I drifted further and further into dishonesty, an exhausting and lonely place.  Until I finally projected, manifested and created myself addicted to gambling.   Self forgivenesss and facing myself in self-honesty breathing and self-willing myself to Stop is how I released the addiction pattern of gambling.


.All distractions created by the mind consciousness system – me – to keep me entertained.  All mind traps that I gave permission to – instead of directing myself here facing me in self-honesty as All as One as Equal.

Our ‘Current Money System’, exists and depends on us to participate in our mind entertainment excursions. Because then, we’ll go out and spend money to try and validate our self-made mind images, and we support our own system of enforced god/money. We want  to bring forth the mind projections and manifest and create them here, within and as a happening of energy for self, within and as our physical.  And then, we will claim it is real.

Which is self-abuse and abusive for all life here because, when we manifest the beliefs of our mind and create them into and as the physical, then the whole mindfuck, has just been ‘powered up’, or leveled up because, now you have visions and desires of repeat performances.  That means more mind participation which is just more self-fearing self.
And we wonder why the hell we’re all so Dazed and Confused.  People fear an ‘Equal Money System’ because, we are so entangled in fear that we won’t even look to see what we’re fearing.  Because if we were to investigate ‘Equal Money’ for All, fear free.  We would ask ourselves – ‘what the hell am I waiting on’…


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Wow. I had no idea I was going to write all of this… I’m not even very far into the video… To be continued in part  2, as I continue with the video.  (I began writing about the next point, but put it aside when I found I had more to write with regards to this particular point)  Self forgiveness to follow here…


LOL. I’m was just about to post this blog, and I see that Bernard Poolman has uploaded a video:

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