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I’ve never known much about how Wall Street conducts itself, nor the influence that is has upon my life and my world.  I have been investigating and educating myself about my world and our ‘Current Money System because,  Our World is collapsing.  So the past couple of weeks I began to educate myself to better understand ‘Wall street investments, Big Bankers, Bail outs, etc.  Interesting education for self, because, everything and how it exists, is specific placement.   It seemed appropriate to see the newest movie version of:  ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’.

In the movie – an ambitious young investment banker named Jake, discovers that greed is and has always been the name of the game when he looses his a childhood mentor/friend who is also his boss. His boss commits suicide after his business crashes after persistent rumors that it’s being dragged down by debt. Denied a bailout from the government, Keller Zabel soon falls victim to a hostile take over lead by a powerful investment bank partner, of Churchill Schwartz.  Jake also looses his bonus that was given to him by his mentor hours before the crash which was over a million dollars.  His job on the line and his mentor dead,  he forges a fragile alliance with onetime Wall Street hotshot Gordon Gekko, who has just been released from prison after having served eight years for securities fraud, money laundering, and racketeering. Gekko is also the father of his soon to be wife Winnie, who hasn’t spoken to her father in years -and doesn’t ever want to.  She also happens to have a 100-million-dollar trust fund in an overseas account set up by her father before he was sent to prison.  Now Jake doesn’t know about the trust until later in the movie when Gekko tells him.

Money is the name of all the games in this movie and what’s important is to witness the control that god/money/greed have over people’s lives.  It’s who we all are, it’s how we exist in our daily lives which is all according to how much or how little we have of money.

The old Wall Street saying, “buy the rumor, sell the news” is alive and well in the fast paced equity markets. This movie displays perfectly our ‘speculation factor’ and shows exactly the accumulated effects when we speculate.  Those who work the face pace of Wall street – they track down or make up their own rumors, and they report them to other members, and if they come from a reliable source, or have an influence on the market, or if they make the tiniest bit of sense, then it all plays out as insider buying and selling which moves the stocks, and so, not all transactions are created equal.

The truth of our world that Money is in fact ‘God’, is shown obvious in this movie and is relevant to the world’s  current financial crisis and how it reflects in Wall street, The Big Banks and our Government buy outs. There is the obvious point that is represented and can easily be seen in and as our ‘Current Monetary System’ . Which is not created Equal – Because,  we All exist and we support a system that does not support All Life Equally. But, who’s paying attention because, the fact of the matter is, few are even aware, nor does there seem to be a level of understanding within the facts before us, which is that – ‘what  goes up, must come down’.  The common sense is that, If even one single being suffers within this world, We All suffer, eventually and inevitably.

Investors have learned that most of the ‘sky-is-falling’ projections are unrealistic.  The story goes, when thinking about investors, it’s helpful to recall the saying:
“Fool me or [scare] me once, shame on you. Fool me or [scare] me twice, shame on me.”

‘Gekko’ makes a comment when he attends an ‘Annual Fundraising Event’ Hosted by ‘Investment Bankers’. He says:  “If someone were to take this place out tonight, there would be nobody left to Rule the World”.  Truth is – why should any One Group of people, ‘Rule the World’.  Because it’s only that way because of our ‘Current Money System’.  We are the ones who accept and allow the ‘Current Money System’ to continue as it does and, It doesn’t have to remain that way. The Common Sense is to assist and provide for All living Beings within and as our physical reality, Equally.

Many examples given throughout the movie shows that even when there is loss – when someone looses their money on Wall street – with the power already haven been bought, all it takes is the flick of a pen and they will create enough to buy their way back again.  Take away money which is a just a god with power, and all great fortunes of men will disappear, and they ought to disappear. Only then will we begin as ‘All as One as Equal’.

The is another recording I add to my video from the movie, it’s an example of what goes on behind closed doors that the public never hears when the banks are forced government buyouts.  Interesting points made in the clip – however, the fear within what would happen in the event of a collapse is enforced within an ‘idea’ based in greed.  Key words placed to enforce beliefs such and ‘Nationalization’ and ‘Socialism’ are used to stop us from realizing ourself within the point because, they entrap us in a past belief within opinions and ideas.

It’s also important to understand the role of the ‘Federal Reserve’, which is formulating and carrying out monetary policy – balancing the flow of money and credit with the needs of the economy. Now, what needs are being met within this economy?  Too much money in the economy leads to inflation, while too little can stifle economic growth. What a polarity it is as we seek to strike a balance between these two extremes.

The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is definitely the most astounding piece of ‘sleight of hand’ ever invented.  And, it’s important not to dismiss investors,  because they learn (primarily from recent mistakes) and they adjust their level of greed accordingly. As do we all, because we’re all investors within and as this world and this world exist as it does because of our level of self-investment and our level of lack self-responsibility and our lack of self-honesty.  Obviously, the majority of us suck as investors, and the world operates as one big casino surrounding smaller casino’s.  What ‘sleight of had’ have you been dealt, that you have accepted?  Are you sold out, or are you in.

There is only One Equation that will sustain the ‘test of time’. ‘The Equality Equation of All Life’,  and it demands that All Life here exist as Equals. That is not a choice as we have lived it thus far – it is “The Fact” within this circle and/or bubble we’ve called life.

There’s a line in the movie when the question is asked: “What’s your price”.  The answer that is given is: “More”.   What’s your price?
How much more are we willing to justify within ourselves as we continue along with our daily routines in ‘our world’,  before we stand up and participate in stopping what we have all accepted and allowed to exist within and as this world as our ‘Current Money System’.  Our Ego is invested in our ‘bank accounts’. We as a humanity, no matter where we’re located on this planet have been fooled more than once or twice. It’s rather obvious isn’t it that we would rather be ‘entertained’ than ‘educated’ about our world and how it functions and how it sustains itself, which has all been built within and as deception.

How long does one consider that such an existence can sustain itself before it collapses.  What goes up, must come down.  We’ve all had examples of how this happens already in our lives. I know what’s it’s like to avoid hearing and seeing about another country’s failing, or another government bailout, or any thing related to our current world economic collapses.

The avoidance of educating ourselves about our world while we let others decide your fate has ended. So, Educate yourself.  Research an ‘Equal Money System’. Realize the collapse has already happened the moment we accepted and allowed even one single being to ‘Starve to Death. Wall Street, The Bankers, The Governments, our Current Money System, Our World Economy has blood on it’s hands,  and it’s the blood from all of Us.  We’re all the same. Face yourself within what you’ve accepted and allowed and Stop. An ‘Equal Money System’ will solve and lay to rest all ‘Fear of Survival’, because an ‘Equal Money System’, literally, provides Equally, for All

Notes of Further Study & Perspective

“The Mother of all Evil is, Speculation – Leverage Debt” — Quote by ‘Gordon Gekko, In The Movie: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
The Current Money System survives on speculation and the effects of  leveraged speculation is exactly what creates Leverage Debt.   Easy to see – how one would refer to it as “The Mother of All Evil”

What is Leverage debt:
Leverage Debt is a Firm with significantly more Debt than Equity.  Does that mean we’re All Leverage debt?

It is important that people come to understand what debt leveraging actually means, and how it works in an ordinary financial transaction.  Leverage is a business term that refers to borrowing. If a business is ‘leveraged’, it means that the business has borrowed money to finance the purchase of assets. The other way to purchase assets is through use of owner funds, or equity.  One way to determine leverage is to calculate the Debt-to-Equity ratio, showing how much of the assets of the business are financed by debt and how much by equity(ownership).
Leverage is useful to fund company growth and development through the purchase of assets. But if the company has too much borrowing, it may not be able to pay back all of its debts.

Understand and Stop Judging ‘The Federal Reserve Bank’
A lot of attention is paid to the Federal Reserve Bank’s interest rate cuts. Not as much attention is paid to the money they actually lend. The Fed immediately began pumping (printing, and lending) billions of dollars into the market in the days after 9/11. This is called creating ‘liquidity’ in the market. Well, guess who gets that money at such low lending rates, your corner grocery store merchant? No, large banks and other lending institutions get it. They then lend it to other large companies at higher rates and then they all purchase stock in order to prop the prices up.
In addition, for at least the first couple of weeks the SEC eliminates the restrictions placed on the buying and selling of stock by companies and insiders. Why do you suppose the ‘financial services’ industries posted the biggest gains following this manipulation? Those speculating are assuming that the ruse will work, people will purchase those shares in their 401k, IRA, etc. and the banks will make a tidy profit from being at the top of the food chain. When the Fed sells bonds to raise capital to lend, who pays the interest on that borrowed money? The because losses must be socialized and profit privatized.
Many large companies have been known to purchase their own stock in an effort to prop up the value, if they were to actually report it, in self-honestly.  The world wide public does not purchase their stock from them, they are left with the interest payments on the money they borrowed to buy their own stock.

What the Hell are Hedge funds?
Hedge funds are aggressively managed portfolio of investments that use advanced investment strategies,  such as leverage, in both domestic and international markets with the goal of generating high returns.  Legally, hedge funds are most often set up as Private Investment partnerships that are open to a limited number of investors and require a very large initial minimum investment.  Investments in hedge funds are illiquid as they often require investors keep their money in the fund for at least one year.

‘Wall Street Survivor’
I also became acquainted with an online game called ‘Wall Street Survivor’. A Fantasy Stock Market Game for trading Stocks. It’s very simple to join, and you begin with and manage your own $100,000 portfolio. You basically learn how to trade stocks for free.  They use current stock prices which are updated every 15 minutes as well as offer material to read and learn about the stock market.  The game has been pretty cool assistance in beginning to understand trading.  It’s not a game that you just go and zone out to when playing. There is strategy involved, so you have to understand what’s going on to play.

I’m grateful I researched this topic because, I now understand for myself, enough that I can explain it in simple terms, and it only took a couple of weeks of studying a little bit every day.  I also researched ‘Prohibition’ while studying ‘Wall street’, and what a Bastard ‘Prohibition’ is and must Stop.
My studying is ongoing, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. It’s cool to bring myself to a point of understanding my self-responsibility in assisting and supporting, in stopping myself within all that I have accepted and allowed to exist here – so that I can provide effective assistance in bringing forth an ‘Equal Money System’, and ‘World Equality’.   So, research, study, explore your world and how it functions while you’re locating parts of you.

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