Thank You Snow…

I read on face book today people writing about having ‘cabin fever’ from being homebound do to the recent snow we received.  How come we refer to ourselves as having ‘cabin fever’ anyway, where does that come from? Maybe it’s because we’re trapped in our mind.  It hadn’t even been two full days and already people were commenting about how they were bored and running out of things to do.  I recalled when I use to say the same things, and now it seems obvious to me how it is, that we as humanity, being the ‘mind consciousness systems’ that we are, become so ‘bored’.  No longer do I ever experience myself as bored.  But, I use to alot before I began applying Self-forgiveness. The arrival of the snow is another example of how our physical reality assists and supports us.  Very cool, in that it causes everything and everyone to Stop, if only for a moment.  Our physical body assists as well, if we just sit on our ass, or lay around all the time, our body begins to let us know to get off our ass and move. I saw a few posts of people commenting how they weren’t able to go get more beer, and I was like, saying, ‘Thank You Snow’…  At first people were saying, cool, we have a day off work, then less than 24 hours and they want to know when is this snow going to be gone, so I can go back to work. Perfect examples of how our mind controls us and it’s only the mind that becomes ‘bored’. There’s another reason why people resist ‘Equal Money‘, because ‘Equal Money‘  will allow people to Stop and face themselves.  As people. we are scared as hell of facing ourselves.


And, look at animals, it’s no wonder that we’re not able to actually hear them speak, because our mind is to busy to hear them.  Their communicating very nicely, we’re just not hearing. I made a comment on a couple of my relatives posts who wrote about their boredom, suggesting they begin to blog. They never replied, and I understand because, the ‘mind’, doesn’t want to be wrote about.  When we blog, we expose the deception we’ve accepted and allowed ourself to exist within and as and have become – how we are directed within and as our mind.  Blogging is dissecting our mind through the words we write. Then, when we apply the necessary self-correction through forgiving ourselves in self-honesty and then walking self-corrective application breathing – it’s very releasing.  LOL.   And we wonder why we have such resistance to blogging…  Writing yourself to Freedom, is also the sure cure for constipation.