Bad Weather Means Big Business

People in the surrounding cities marched forth toward their casting call as they accepted themselves within their current ‘role’ in, ‘The Fear of Survival’. It was quite the theatrical version as the ‘fear’ of running out of food was evident as people bombarded local grocery stores. The National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Warning for most all of the Oklahoma Area. The first blizzard of this magnitude in a decade was how the weatherman put it and the local channels began talking about it the day before. The schools and churches were already scheduled to be closed for tomorrow, almost 15 hours before the snow began. The local news channels focus was on using the word ‘decade’.

A decade is just 10 years, but people were repeating it as if it were 100 or more. At worst people may not be able to drive very easily for 2 or 3 days, but they weren’t really looking in common sense, which was evident in the amount of local stores who were reporting their shelves were becoming empty and even the sales of candles skyrocketed.  There were reports of people waiting in line for hours to pay for their groceries, and many were posting on their facebook walls how ‘insane’ and ‘demonic‘ their grocery shopping experience had been.  Bad weather is Big Business. Some say winter weather does wonders for their botton line. All businesses, from the beginning until the end of the wintery blast, profit.

One car dealer was quoted saying: “You get a couple snow days and bad weather and people flock in to get everything on their car checked out because people become worried about getting salt on their vehicles and causing damage – and people will flock to buy snow tires and washer fluid, belts and hoses right after it snows.”

They want to be prepared I guess for when the next decade circles around.


Before casting our projection of ourselves further into and as our own oblivion – let’s stop and breathe – see within ourselves how and why we are casting ourselves out of this moment here, and into the next moment there, before it’s even here.  That’s why we’re so forgetful.  Because we aren’t remaining here breathing when we are participating within our mind of thoughts of what’s going to happen when we get there.

Stop supporting the ‘Current Money System‘.  It’s a deadly game we’re supporting.

Support an ‘Equal Money System’ – which will Stop our ‘Fear of Survival’ – See the Common Sense Here